Gwynedd Council.


Gwynedd Council is the governing body for the principal area of Gwynedd, one of the subdivisions of Wales within the United Kingdom. The Council administrates internally through the medium of Welsh

Although the council had an internal development team, they did not have any mobile app development experience. They needed an app to be developed that would integrate into the council’s current website and portal to eliminate having two areas of content to manage. They wanted it to be easier for their community to report issues such as potholes, fly-tipping and street lights not working.


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Gwynedd council app shown on two iphones floating on a slight tilt


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Working closely with their IT Department, we initially came up with a way to keep within the small budget they had to develop this app. Much of the content is brought through from their website but key areas of the app that needed to use features of the phone were developed within the app. By having the content coming through from their website it meant that there was only one place for the content to be updated. Due to the app being used in rural Wales, it was important that people could capture photos and GPS locations without a data connection, so we developed it to work offline and then as soon as the phone gets on wifi or a data connection the report is sent.

Gwynedd council side bar menu shown on an iphone

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