Synchro ERP.

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A feature-rich app development

A feature-rich app that’s intuitive and needs little training for users, helping with the workflow of steel production.

Synchro ERP is a mobile app that is designed to help with the workflow of steel production. The app includes a snagging-related section in order to determine the reasons for scrapping metal to help improve future processes and save money.

We were approached by Synchro ERP to develop a brand new application that could help to increase productivity and efficiency within the steel production industry. The app needed to be specifically designed for tablets and needed to include a variety of checks and recordings to help identify and record information during the steel production process. The app needed to be intuitive and have the ability to be tweaked to suit various ways of working in the industry.




United Kingdom

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Our Solution

We developed the Synchro ERP app using PhoneGap, an open-source framework that allowed us to develop the app to work perfectly on Android and iOS tablets. Intuitive and user-friendly features are at the core of this project, the app has been designed with users in mind, meaning there is a marked reduction in training time for users and allows for records to be easily taken, both saving time and money. The app helps with the workflow of steel production and has several features to track jobs, manage scrapped steel and manage project time. Various features on the app can be accessed by supervisors making the app customisable for certain production processes and workflow.

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