Bee Welsh Honey.

Food branding for Bee Welsh Honey displayed on a mobile, envelope and business cards


Branding for a Mid Wales honey producer, Bee Welsh Honey

Bee Welsh Honey is an award-winning Mid Wales-based producer of high-quality honey. They approached us for help in growing their brand. We gained some insightful information about the business. Learning about their goals, objectives, and brand identity aspirations. After listening carefully, our talented team of creatives got to work.

When working on food branding projects we have two main goals in mind. Firstly, to create a memorable design. Secondly, to represent what it is you do as a business and how you want to be perceived.

As a result, we created a fresh new identity for Bee Welsh Honey. Featuring a new logo, product labels, and business cards. Our new design better reflects the high-quality honey they produce and their strong Welsh heritage.






Strengthening brand image through a better visual identity

We created a simplistic logo using a stylish, italic font that flows effortlessly to resemble the flight path of a bee. To reiterate this, we included a small bee flying off at the end. Moreover, we used a rich mustard yellow to evoke the high-quality honey they have to offer. Below the eye-catching ‘bee’ text is a clear ‘Welsh Honey Company’. This directly informs the consumer exactly what they produce and where they’re located. To reinforce their bee brand image we used a honeycomb hexagon as the ‘O’ in honey.

Bee Welsh Honey logo


Showcasing their strong Welsh heritage

On top of creating a visually appealing logo, they also wanted us to design their food branding labels. We created two unique designs for them.


Rich gold colouring, expressing the high-quality of their honey

We used the logo we created but changed the text to black for better readability. The honeycomb hexagon and small bee are both enhanced by a rich gold colour, evoking feelings of high-quality honey. To highlight the key information, we kept the design clean and uncluttered. For example, adding text beneath the primary logo informs clients that they are an award-winning Welsh business. Further encouraging a purchase, as well as developing trust in the brand. The client wanted their welsh heritage to shine through. To accomplish this, we inserted a faint grey Welsh dragon behind all of the text.

Food label branding for Bee Welsh Honey Company, shown on three jars of honey in a triangle


Minimalist label design that conveys core messaging

This product label stayed true to the original logo colouring, ensuring brand consistency. The minimalist design conveys the brand as luxury honey. As well as informing the customer on its flavourings below – ‘Hint of Cinnamon’. Again, a faint Welsh dragon is used to emphasise their Welsh heritage.

Two Bee Welsh Honey Company themed business cards


Smart, professional, easy to read business cards

The Bee Welsh Honey company now has a smart, easy-to-read set of business cards to hand out. Providing potential clients with the contact information they require.

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