Building a customer-driven UX & UI for sustainable pioneers, Eco-Craft

Founded 31 years ago, Eco-Craft is a long-established family-run business specialising in sustainable paper/card solutions. Their humble beginnings began with the design and production of greeting cards. After experiencing a high demand for blank crafts they decided to offer an off-the-shelf range of sustainable craft blanks, allowing customers to be creative with their own greetings cards and gifts. Decades on, their ethical product range has expanded to envelopes, compostable packaging, postal packaging, adhesives, tape and much more.

Eco-Craft is proud to source all of its raw materials and finished goods from reputable green suppliers. In fact, most of the paper/card they supply is 100% recycled and the majority contain a large proportion of post-consumer waste. In 2019, Eco-Craft came to us looking to upgrade their existing Magento 1 website to the new and improved Magento 2.

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Preston, Lancashire




After listening carefully to our client’s needs and wants, the team crafted a sustainable web design that reinforced their green heritage and ethos. Completely reforming their online shipping operations and delivering a smooth-flowing customer-centric experience.

eco-craft Magento Website Development homepage shown on a laptop


Customer-centric experience & sustainable web design

One of Eco-Crafts’ key requests was a bigger, more intuitive menu. The team developed a stylish mega menu with drop-downs that allow Eco-Crafts’ customers to easily access all product ranges on every page. Moreover, the rest of the website is structured in a clear, uncluttered layout that feels spacious and free. Creating a natural, intuitive customer flow and positive brand interaction.

Additionally, to help strengthen our client’s identity we balanced their green and white colour scheme across the website. The white space was perfect for readability, and the green was used to highlight banners, icons and ‘call-to-actions’. As well as this we added contour lines (representing mountains etc on a map) as background texture to product pages – relating to their green perspective.


Streamlining shipping operations

Eco-Crafts’ diverse product range varies in size, weight and dimensions, which can cause shipping complications. To combat this we integrated a few tools to help better streamline their operations. Now, they can trust that their site will deliver accurate delivery prices for customers based on the order destination, volumetric weight and subtotal. Their team can create custom shipping rates, rules and restrictions based on a variety of attributes unique to their business. On top of this, to ensure they are set up with the correct tax rules and rates within the EU we integrated their website with EU VAT configuration.

Additionally, Eco-Crafts’ sustainable web design supports a number of different payment options; PayPal, Mastercard & Visa. Meeting the needs of different payment users. We wanted to make the customer journey as smooth as we possibly could, which often comes down to small functionalities. For example, we integrated the ‘Fetchify’ postcode lookup, a convenient tool allowing customers to find their addresses swiftly, rather than having to type it out manually.

Eco-Crafts sustainable web design pages


Reducing admin time

As well as streamlining the customer journey, their robust Magento 2 website helps admin save a substantial amount of time too. By integrating the Moogento PickPack plugin, Eco-Craft can instantly generate a digital invoice. Moreover, Eco-Craft can customise the invoices, brand them with their own imagery and include all the necessary information valuable to customers. Additionally, Eco-Crafts’ website is integrated with Xero (accounting software). This automatically exports Magento orders, customer data, items and credit notes to the Xero system. Allowing them to better manage orders and track sales.

Furthermore, by utilising the Amasty mass product actions tool, Eco-Crafts’ admin can better manage their catalogue. Saving them hundreds of hours yearly. The tool allows them to bulk update products (e.g. price changes).


Boosting Eco-Crafts’ online presence & marketing reach

In order to help bolster our client’s online marketing efforts, we integrated their website with MailChimp. Now, Eco-Craft can build and execute multi-channel marketing campaigns driven toward targeted audiences.

On the other hand, to organically drive more traffic we integrated Eco-Crafts’ store with the Amasty SEO toolkit. Helping them optimise their pages efficiently and rank higher on google.


Meeting the needs of their audience & enhancing product pages

Eco-Crafts’ customers often make large bulk orders and like to test samples before making a full commitment. Now, Eco-Crafts’ users can quickly request samples prior to purchase thanks to the DCKAP Samples tool.

Moreover, Eco-Craft has the option of attaching files to certain products e.g. manuals, licenses, and warranties. Which can be used for more complex products. Additionally, we further enhanced product pages by embedding colour swatches – accurately representing each available colour, pattern, or texture.

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