Luxury Lodges Wales.

Family of four enjoying some hot-tub time in a luxury lodge


A multi-functional WordPress site driving direct bookings

Luxury Lodges Wales are a family-run business founded in 2007. Striving to give the ultimate getaway experience. Their authentic Swiss lodges fit seamlessly into the Welsh countryside.  Providing breathtaking views individual to each cabin. Evidently, going above and beyond is essential for the company. This is why each five-star cabin is jam-packed with holiday-enhancing facilities. Residing on the 80-acre estate, each cabin has its own hot tub and ensuite. As well as access to private fishing and an on-site sauna. An outstanding portfolio of lodges, for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Luxury Lodges appeared to have everything going for them. However, they were missing a luxury holiday web design to match their unique service.

For that reason, they contacted the team at gloversure. Requesting a simple to use WordPress site that provided a user-friendly experience. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate their brand image into the new website. In account of this, we took a luxury holiday web design approach. Moreover, we recognised the benefits of implementing an iFrame SuperControl Widget.  Increasing direct bookings and showcasing their opulent collection of lodges. Consequently, the team can now easily update their content and display news articles.

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To ensure we kept a strong brand identity throughout. We incorporated a luxury holiday web design and tone of voice. On top of this, their new website delivers an easy user experience for users. Additionally helping admin with a manageable booking system. As a result, we produced a smooth functioning flawless website.

Before and after photo of Luxury Cottages Wales web design, displayed on two laptops with a purple arrow and wordpress logo in between them


Showcasing the scenic landscape and Luxury Lodge portfolio

Furthermore, we also used the effective tool Modula Gallery. This provides Luxury Lodges Wales with the ability to showcase multiple galleries. In turn, offering high-definition imagery to showcase their premium property choice on each page. Moreover, a key feature of Modula Gallery is that it’s management-friendly. Subsequently allowing Luxury Lodges Wales to make updates and add more galleries to any page instantaneously.

Luxury Lodges Wales web design displayed on two iphones, one is overlapping the other


Improving management's ability to share

Luxury Lodges Wales need to update their news section on the website regularly.  They wanted to keep customers up to date on events, local attractions and promotional news. The new content management system does just this. Further letting admin keep their website current and contributing to SEO. As a result, it allows management to create, update and delete content at any time.

Luxury Lodges Wales web design new pages displayed on an ipad and iphone side by side


Increasing booking efficiency with SuperControl iFrame Widget

We incorporated a calendar on each lodge page by utilising the SuperControl iFrame Widgets. Therefore allowing individual calendars for each property. Now, visitors can check the specific availability for direct bookings. As a result of adding the iframe widget, users can access key information quicker. Consequently, improving the user experience.

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