Court Farm Holiday Lets.

Agricultural branding for court farm, shown on a note pad, envelope, documents and a business card


Agricultural branding for exquisite barn conversions in Builth Wells.

Court Farm Holiday Lets is a stylish and spacious set of converted barns in the heart of Mid Wales. Guests can reside on a full-working sheep farm, whilst enjoying the bucolic scenery of rural Builth Wells. Located just minutes away from the famed Royal Welsh Showground. Although it’s a farm, their barn rentals surpass style, quality and comfort expectations. Accommodating to groups of all sizes, it’s a perfect retreat for families, couples and friends. They came to us looking for our expertise to grow their brand. On top of this, they wanted a new logo and website.

We discussed some important branding questions. Necessary before starting any branding project. For example; What do you like about your current branding? Who is your target audience? What’s their pain points? How do you want to be perceived by consumers?

After we collected the information necessary, we set sail on our new exciting branding project.




Contemporary typography representing high-quality, modern farm rentals

For Court Farm, we wanted to incorporate a modern farmhouse aesthetic. Agricultural branding that is both modern and rustic. Allowing for more personality than modern city brands. Whilst evoking more luxury than traditional country stylings. As a solution, we utilised a sans serif typeface with strong ascenders and descenders. Wide spacing and bold lettering to make the Court Farm brand look proud, traditional, and well-established. In order to emphasize the brand name better, we made the lower typeface smaller and finer. A modern style font that evokes a sense of opulence. Together, both fonts complement each other to tell the consumer who they are and what they do.

court farm logo showing the brand name and a crossed fork and spade separating the two words


Spade & Fork symbol to represent farm environment

In addition, we wanted to design a logo that reflected the agricultural settings of Court Farm. A visual representation of ‘Farm’ as well as the written word. Having symbols within your brand logo is crucial to creating a memorable brand. Therefore, we created a minimalist spade and pitchfork that effortlessly suited the fonts surrounding it. Placed in the middle of court and farm to create a good overall logo shape. Using the spade and fork with modern typefaces evokes our modern farmhouse design and agricultural branding better.

court farm business card with thier new agricultural branding logo on, sitting on the side of a laptop


Yellow Gold Colouring to evoke Court Farms grandeur

We wanted Court Farms’ new brand identity to express the quality they offer. Hence why we used a golden yellow colour. Gold is strongly related to brands of high-class and grandeur. Which is exactly the message court farms want to send to their consumers.

A swinging wooden sign displaying the agricultural branding logo done for court farm

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