VetzNow Branding.

A computer screen showing a range of different vet bradning logo concepts for vetznow


VetzNow is a revolutionary new app for the veterinary industry

The app will allow people to contact their vet through a mobile app rather than in person; thus cutting down vets appointments for non-emergency matters. Putting their customers’ convenience first. In addition to developing an app to better their business offerings, VetzNow wanted us to rebrand their company. They requested a new logo and brand that could be utilised in the app.

Their previous branding lacked a strong identity or personality. The vetting industry is a saturated market where it’s hard for businesses to differentiate themselves. As most of them do the exact same thing. VetzNow, on the other hand, has a modern, cutting-edge app with which to differentiate itself. At gloversure, we’ve helped many small businesses grow and we knew VetzNow’s new app had real vet branding potential.

Therefore, we had a discussion about their current image and how they want to be perceived. As well as asking crucial branding questions such as, Who is your target audience? What visual message do you want to send? What pain points do you solve? Who are your competitors?

An in-depth conversation is a key step when embarking on any branding project. Our insightful discussion revealed that Vetz now desired a vibrant and fresh brand image. They wanted their image to represent a new approach to the industry. Our creative team got work and did just that.


Vetinary Services




Logo Design & Branding


Minimal Friendly Dog design to become the face of VetzNow

Due to their vibrant fresh design desires, we created a modern-looking brand logo that reflected this. We produced a cartoon dog character to become the new face of the company. Using cartoon characters as a part of your brand is a great way to convey brand personality. It can evoke a friendly feel to a business. Furthermore, it has the ability to make something quite dull, fun and appealing. Given that you get it right. Facial expressions and shape are very important aspects of using characters in branding. Hence why we used a side-on view of a dog. It lets us better incorporate a friendly smile. The dog’s posture is also crucial. An upright head evokes a sense of pride and happiness. Sending consumers a happy dog message. Which is exactly what vet customers want. A happy dog of their own.

VetzNow logo


Modernising VetzNow with contemporary typography

On top of that, we used a bold, easy-to-read font that clearly shows the company name. Written in black to make both the dog and business name stand out better. The font is friendly and approachable. Which effectively portrays the business personality. On top of this, we used a sans-serif font. It is modern and clean, helping to create a minimal design. Sans-serif fonts are simpler in form than serif fonts. In fact, they have been said to evoke a sense of cleanliness. Which is perfect for veterinary branding.


Interchangeable colour scheme for enhanced marketing opportunities

Using a simple colour scheme and minimal design opens up vet branding opportunities. The colours have been changed to match a green backdrop, as shown below. Changing the logo while maintaining the same identity. Consequently, VetzNow can now promote its branding in two ways. Which opens up marketing potential across their platforms.

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