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Zip-Clip is a global manufacturer of high-specification suspension systems for HVAC, Electrical, Signage and Seismic requirements. Their innovative wire and bracing solutions are highly recognised for their performance, functionality and flexibility. Zip-Clip is a renowned name in the industry that has delivered high-quality security measures to the likes of the BBC, Rolls Royce, Warner Bros, The American Embassy and many more high-profile clients.

Having evolved their brand and global strategy, they came to us to bring their products to life with a new manufacturing web design.

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Web Design


The Results…

Our collaboration with Zip-Clip took their website to new heights. We aimed to give their audience the smoothest user experience possible, whilst expressing their industry-leading quality.


A clear expression of the brand

With a breadth of content, each page of Zip-Clip’s website was designed to reflect their precision-led ethos. It’s clean, sleek and provides a deep expression of the brand’s DNA. A modula gallery integration makes it easy for Zip-Clip to showcase its imagery in a range of different styles. Whilst staying true to their identity, look and feel.


Intuitive, user-friendly & fast

Crafted with robust code, the manufacturing web design offers an advanced search system that allows customers to filter products from their expansive catalogue. Whereby they can search via product applications. Using imagery of product categories to guide customers. Finding the products customers need with precision and speed.


Carefully curated product pages, case studies and blogs

Well-thought structure and small visual elements are what determines quality. For Zip-Clip, this takes shape through carefully curated product pages, in-depth case studies and interesting blogs that demonstrate the high-quality craftsmanship of their products. Smooth transitions and sleek hover effects create a polished, engaging feel.


Catering to the needs of their global audience

To cater to the needs of their global audience, we embedded Zip-Clips website with a ‘Country Redirect ipinfo API’. Meaning when users land on their website, their location will be detected and they’ll be swiftly directed to a country-specific URL. Ensuring customers receive the right information based on where they are.

Moreover, we also utilised an effective ‘Auto Select Local Distribution’ tool. Once users have accepted  Zip-Clips permission pop-up, the website will automatically provide customers with the closest distribution. If the user does not allow it then the default distribution/message will be selected instead.

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