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Technocover started in 1993, designing and manufacturing innovative steel access products. Since then Technocover has become the UK’s leading supplier of certificated products and security equipment for protecting critical infrastructure. Based in Welshpool, Powys, their team of over 60 members cater to a range of clients in the UK and overseas. They also provide to a range of industries including water, energy, telecommunications, transport, rail, military and government.

We were challenged with creating a website that would allow customers to access product information quicker. They also wanted a website that would keep them ahead of their game whilst showcasing their products.

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Welshpool, Powys



A bespoke website that showcases Technocovers vast range of security products.
We created a custom design to fit with their updated branding, making sure that their brand was at the forefront of everything we did.


Easy to Navigate

We crafted a high-quality website that reflects the brand. Intuitive calls to actions run throughout to allow customers to gain access to products and information they require. We created a process in a way users could understand easily. The individual product pages are designed to showcase the technical drawings and allow access to Data Specification and Instruction Downloads.

Before and after photo of Technocover websites, displayed on two laptops with an arrow and bolt logo in between them


Advanced Search

A custom search and filter system was created to enable accurate search results of technical terms. This way users can access products that suit their requirements quicker.

New Technocover website pages displayed on an ipad and iphone standing upright


Faster Access to Product Information

From the development side, a lot of planning had to go into the technical features. Customers would need to login to access downloads of data specifications and instructional sheets. We also created a custom downloadable spreadsheet for Technocover staff to gain more depth insight into the information of downloads.

Technocover product menu pages displayed on two floating iphones, one is overlapping the other
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