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Branding to make you stand out.

Branding is key to your business’s success. Your brand should encompass everything your business has to offer and represent your core values and services. If your brand does not do this for you, your business is most certainly missing out on custom. 

When a consumer is searching for a product or service they tend to make their purchasing decision within seconds, if your brand doesn’t portray your business correctly consumers will quickly move to a business with a brand that does. 

We can get right to the core of your business, what your customers value and portray this in your brand. Our experienced designers, creatives and project managers know how to visualise businesses successfully to be marketed at the right audience and target market. 

We’re always asked ‘what is a brand?’ followed by ‘sorry I know that’s a silly question’ and it’s not, a brand can seem quite complicated but it doesn’t have to be, we can work with you to define, create or develop your brand. 

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Revenue increase for consistent branding across all channels


Of consumers would rather buy from an authentic brand


of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels

A brand is much more than a logo

Once we have completed your branding project we can provide or update brand guidelines for you and your team to refer back to, making sure your brand is adhered to and stays as strong as ever company-wide, this means your brand is never diluted and works hard for your business. 

Getting to know your business

If you would like to dive into a new brand or rebrand project but don’t know where to start, we can help, we will get to know your business, goals, objectives and target markets. From there we can create initial designs right through to a completed brand with a brand guide and materials to be rolled out across the company.

We are a design agency with experience in working with clients around the UK including, Chester, Shrewsbury and Mid Wales. If you have any questions about the branding services we offer and what they involve please get in touch.

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