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Reflecting high-quality craftsmanship through stunning web design

Two born and bred Montgomeryshire brothers gave birth to Montgomeryshire Homes after noticing a lack of suitable housing in their local area. Proud of their roots, they made it their mission to help the local rural community. Providing a range of affordable housing for different buyers. Each property is constructed with the finest materials and trusted high-quality craftsmanship. Montgomeryshire Homes, now an award-winning developer has properties in Welshpool, Caereinion, and Llansilin. Additionally, they recognise the significance of desirable locations when purchasing a home. Hence why they hand-pick each property’s location. Providing residents with a good balance of proximity to local amenities and privacy. Exclusive developments with character that build homes, not houses.

Montgomeryshire Homes approached us desiring a modern property development web design. It needed to reflect their renowned craftsmanship and quality. In addition, the site needed to give potential buyers a platform to view each property. As well as this, the web design coincided with a complete rebrand. Helping them in reinforcing their high-quality brand identity.

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Housing Development







Montgomeryshire Homes now have a stylish property development web design. Embedded with a new brand identity throughout. In-depth property pages give potential buyers a thorough view of what’s Montgomeryshire Homes have to offer. Supporting them in driving potential leads and sales.

Montgomeryshire Homes Property Development Web Design Home page shown on an ipad


Creating a suitable brand: Colours, Typography & Visual Elements

Before Montgomeryshire Homes contacted us they lacked any real branding. Or at least not one that reflected truly ‘who’ they are. So, we had a discussion with the owners to learn more about them and what they stand for. We soon learnt Montgomeryshire Homes was built on the foundations of experience, quality and desirability. Thereafter, the Montgomeryshire Homes brand was reborn.

By using a royal blue and deep carrot orange colour scheme we created an image that evokes a sense of high quality and class. Additionally, we developed a simplistic square logo that incorporates the company initials. Furthermore, the text is written in a classic Cormorant Garamond font. Reinforcing their prestigious aesthetic.

Montgomeryshire Homes Property Development Web Design pages displayed out on a flat surface


Clean, spacious property development web design

After developing a suitable image for Montgomeryshire Homes, we balanced the colours and typography consistently throughout the website. Being consistent with branding is what creates a memorable one.

Moreover, we created a large sliding image banner on the home page. Slowly phasing through a selection of property images. The clear imagery provides site visitors with an immediate impression of the properties. As well as displaying some of the properties below with links to a full property page. Furthermore, we utilised plenty of white space. Assuring the website is uncluttered, easy on the eye and good for readability. In addition, as a subtle visual element, we used ultra-thin lines to break up text and box-in text. The fine lines create a calming mood and skillfully interplay with the other design elements.



Clear navigation and intuitive usability

Montgomeryshire Homes’s new website has a bold navigation bar that intuitively directs users, embedded with a stylish dropdown. Breaking up the different property types: Completed Developments, Current Developments and Future Developments. Once visitors have gone through to the desired page they’ll find the necessary property information. As well as further links to individual property pages.

Montgomeryshire Homes Property Development Web Design property pages shown on two iphones


Engaging property pages embedded with Modula gallery

Individual property pages give potential buyers an in-depth look at the property. With a description, eye-catching icons displaying property amenities and a Modula gallery. A Modula gallery neatly structures lots of images across the width of a page. Subsequently presenting a good outlook at the property in full.

On top of this, there is also an attached CTA for the floor plan. Therefore ensuring Montgomeryshire Homes customers have all the specifications they need.

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