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A professional team of creatives. Passionate about helping businesses like yours, grow and prosper.

Since 2004, we’ve grown to a team of 21 experienced web developers, designers and digital marketers who work together to bring you the friendly, hands-on and reliable service you expect. With passion, creativity and personal professionalism at their core, our team are ready to go above and beyond for you and your business. We’re immensely proud of our Welsh roots with our head office in Welshpool, as well as a studio over the border in Chester.

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We are gloversure. Your digital solutions partner.

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Award-Winning Digital Agency gloversure members smiling in shrewsbury
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A dedicated creative team

Over the years, we’ve digitally transformed businesses towards a better, brighter, digital future. In fact, we’ve made some impressive progress ourselves. What was once a small two-man business striving for growth, is now a multi-award winning digital agency with offices in Chester and Welshpool. 

We have created an array of websites on different platforms for a wide range of businesses. We’ve utilized a variety of bespoke software solutions as well as improved existing software. Working with businesses to design, develop, and deliver stunning unique solutions. No matter what industry you are in, gloversure has a unique solution for you. Striving for excellence, our solutions provide a seamless user experience, which has resulted in increased sales and website activity for our clients.

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Personalised approach

Our personalised approach has a track record for success. We work collaboratively with you to fully understand your goals, objectives and core values as a business. Assuring that we can get the absolute best out of your project. In turn, we produce unique designs that not only look great but more importantly deliver results. At every stage of the project, we refer back to your requirements and work with you to achieve exactly what you want. We cut out the technical jargon and put it to you simply. Making it clear what we will need from you (which varies for each project) meaning there are no surprises halfway through your project.

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Find out how we can help kickstart your project.

When it comes to sports branding, logo’s are a major brand element. Sports brand logos encapsulate a brand’s essence and are one of the main focal points of a brands identity.  When it comes to creating a sports logo, it’s good to think of your brand as a person or an athlete. They convey character, attitude and personality. Once you’ve decided on your person, you must convey their personality traits through visual imagery. Visually representing to your audience who you are through visual elements.  #sportsbranding #brandingidentity #tennisdesign #matchpoint #playonshapes #itallics #playoncolours #sportsbusiness #tennisbusiness #brandinginspiration #logoinspiration #creativethinking #logomockup #badgedesign #typeface #fontdesign #shropshiredesign #welshgraphic #customlogo #shropshrirebusiness #welshpool #oswestry #shrewsbury
@rvwpugh1978 is a family-run supplier and seller of agricultural equipment, founded in 1978. Their main hub is based in Churchstoke, Powys but also have other depot’s in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, and Market Drayton, Shropshire.  Their offering far extends the usual machinery dealers have to offer. They are also and @masseyfergusonglobal specialists.  Having previously worked with RVW Pugh, they came to us asking for a modern agricultural website to keep them ahead of other dealers in their industry. With a well-established and strong brand image, RVW Pugh wanted us to embody their style in a new efficient WordPress website that works just as well on desktop as it does on mobile.  The team at gloversure created an bespoke user-friendly website that could be easily managed whilst still supplying a cutting edge visual style.  Learn more on how we showcased RVW Pugh heritage and expertise:  #shropshire #newwebsite #webdesignshropshire #webdesignmidwales #websitedesign #websitedevelopment #agencylife #newwebsite #webdev #construction #heavyequipment #equipment #heavymachinery #manufacturing #engineering #excavator #midwales #chester #agriculture #agmarketing #tourismuk #agri #agribusiness #farm #websitedesigner #farmbrand #agriculturewebsite #wordpressdesigner #machinery #website
Our design team are always keeping updated with the latest trends in web design.  Something they noticed in 2021 and expect to see more of in 2022 was the use of earthy tones on websites.  Industry Insight: Lockdown limits reunited people back to nature, and this is influencing modern web design as well. Designers are increasingly using muted, calm, and earth tones for background colours and illustrations. It's a homage to how much we stare at screens these days, providing us with something relaxing to look at. A modest design approach that's easy to look at and doesn't strain your eyes as much.  #creativeagency #digitalagency #webdesignagency #digitalmarketing #webdesign #webdesigner #creativeindustry #brandingagenc
“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” - Designer, Paul Rand.  Best known for his creation of corporate brand logos, designing some of the famous ones we know today such as IBM, UPS, Abc Studios and endless others. Rand expressed the need for visual identity within business and we like to follow in his footsteps.  To find out how our specialist design team can build a brand identity for your business, click the link:  #paulrand #graphicdesign #design #designer #typography #creative #graphicdesigner #logo #branding #quotes #quoteoftheday #paulranddesign #art #quote #marketing #logodesigns #designinspiration #graphic #illustration #paulrandquote #brandidentity #brand #logodesign #logos #branddesign #creative #logoinspirations #designer #logoinspiration
How would you optimise your business in 2022?  Custom development is one the most efficient ways forward. 
But, what are the benefits of custom development?  1. Optimises business processes 
2. Reliability 
3. Scalability 
4. Security 
5. Exclusive solution 
6. Time.  Find out more on our blog at:  #webdesign #webdevelopment #graphicdesign #ecommerce #graphicdesignwales #shrewsbury #oswestry #shropshire #welshpool #oswestrybusiness #shropshirebusiness #midwales #mobileapps #customdevelopment
In 2021, 2D and 3D mashups became popular as an exciting way to engage customers.  Designers have a plethora of options when it comes to high definition 3D shapes combined with 2D shapes and drawings.  This trend offers itself well to a wide range of formats, from illustrations and animation to web design and typography.  In 2022, we expect to see a lot more 2D/3D mashups, especially in app design.  #2D #3D #3dand2d #3ddesign #3dillistration #webdesign #webdevelopment #graphicdesign #digitalmarketing #shropshire #shrewsbury #chester #welshpool
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