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We craft digital experiences that empower vision and ignite action.

We are gloversure.

gloversure is a multi-award-winning digital agency committed to creating innovative systems and experiences for businesses of all sizes. Our foundations began with the transformative power of design, tech and strategic thought. Driven by their combined ability to deliver a message, elevate brand experiences and engage people everywhere.

Founded in 2004, we are immensely proud of our Welsh roots. With our head office in Welshpool, Mid-Wales, as well as a studio over the border in Chester, Cheshire.

Driven by individuality, powered by the collective.

We all have conventional titles; Web Designers, Software Developers, Marketing Executives, Directors, Assistants and so forth. But. And a big ‘but’ for us. We feel a ‘title’ in itself doesn’t truly reflect the roles we play. We are visionaries, wordsmiths, professional daydreamers, unorthodox storytellers, passionate artists and creatively obsessed.

Together; we inform, entertain and inspire action through the experiences we create.


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Our Values.

Understanding other businesses’ cultures is a big part of what we do. So naturally, we’re obsessed with our own. They serve as an architectural blueprint – shaping our vision, culture and identity.

Communication & Respect For Our Clients

We strive to form long-term relationships built on two-way respect and integrity.

Respect For Each Other

A team that’s empowered, diverse and inclusive.


We foster honesty and trust through open communication.


We support, infuse and combine vision to achieve more together.

High Staff Calibre

We develop skillsets and futures; personally and professionally.

Continuous Curiosity

We believe in lifelong learning and progression.


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“Our creatively-infused space brings together talented minds to deliver meaningful results.”

Our work, is not work.

Doing what you love day in and day out isn’t work; it’s passion, a part of individual purpose, creative release and artistic embrace. We do what we do because we love to, not because we’re paid to. And we believe that passion drives results. In fact, it’s proven. Hence why we hire passionate, ambitious individuals; not over-qualified robots.

We’ve been creating digital experiences since Facebook launched, X-factor hit our screens and before Britney’s 55-hour-long marriage. Whether it’s bespoke website design, crafting audience-focused brands, making app ideas a reality, streamlining business operations with custom development or building the stepping stones for strategic growth.

We are proudly full-service, and you, our long-term partner.

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