Our Culture.

We are a people-first agency with a purpose

It’s easy to say that we are a transparent, employee-supporting, positive place to work. But we would rather show you why we are all those things, and more. If you find these values align with your own beliefs, then this might be the perfect culture for you to progress and thrive in.

Belong & Thrive

We believe in the creative, inspirational power of digital. It has the ability to break down barriers, overcome differences and bring people together online and offline. We’re committed to fostering an equal, diverse and inclusive environment. A space where everyone’s included, valued and comfortable in their own skin regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or disability. As a human, not a commercial robot.

But to work with us, you need to be self-driven. Making conscious and purposeful decisions about the path you want to take in the future. Everyone is listened to, heard and given the day-to-day opportunity to leave a footprint in the company. We’ll match your ambition with career investment. Encouraging you to set goals, jump at new challenges and learn by doing. You’ll be supported 1-on-1 with access to the right tools, resources and training you need to grow. Cultivating a growth mindset in everyone, every day.

Be you; and the best version of you.

Supporting heart, body & mind

Our mental health is determined by a range of aspects in life; both in work and outside of work. From how much sleep we get, to how physical we are. Family relationships, friendship groups, colleagues, self-esteem and mindset all play their part. These influences are continually evolving and changing as we progress throughout our lives.

Being a people-first agency means that you are at the forefront of everything we do. Hence why we take physical and mental well-being very seriously. We strongly believe it’s something that should be monitored and nurtured proactively. And let’s be honest everyone gets down sometimes…we’re all human! This is why our employees can access a range of benefits to help you prioritise your well-being, so you can thrive with a healthy heart, body and mind.

Drop the suits

Suits are cool, right? But we prefer to let our brains do the talking, not the way we look. Fashion is an expression, and this is a creative industry, so our employees can wear whatever they feel most comfortable in at work.

This doesn’t mean everybody comes to work in pyjamas (although pyjama day sounds pretty cool), we still look smart – just in our own individual ways.

P.S. Unless we’re attending client meetings – then we like to spruce things up a little.


We’re environmentalists at heart, and we want to help shape the future of society as much as we want to shape the livelihoods of our employees. Many of our team days out have involved canoeing, kayaking and hiking around the beautiful welsh landscape – and it isn’t something we take for granted.

In the last year, we’ve made influential changes to the way we operate; all to better the world we live in. In fact, we’re committed to halving our carbon emissions by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050. Together, we’re striving to build a better, greener planet.

4.5 Day Working Week

From 1st August 2023 we will be moving to a 4 and a half day working week for full time employees. This means every full time employee will be working 36 hours a week. This ensures that everyone in our team gets an extra half a day extra to enjoy their weekend and recharge. Reduced working weeks have been statistically proven to reduce stress, and help promote better health and wellbeing, as well as increase productivity.

Our People

The humans that glue it all together.

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