Edwards of Gwynedd.

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Stylish WordPress accountant website design for Chartered Accountants

North Wales-based Chartered Accountants Edwards of Gwynedd offer small to medium-sized businesses a cloud-based systemised service. Concentrated on educating their customers and providing solid accountancy & payroll services. As well as an array of other services from taxation, app advisory, cash flow forecasting and much more. The accounting professionals focus their work on businesses that want to grow. Additionally, they have made a name for themselves in the niche market of childcare. Establishing themselves as the experts in daycare nurseries. In fact, they have redefined their processes to meet the demands of this market. Moreover, understanding how the industry works and the challenges they face. Offering the relevant service and business advice to help them grow in the future.

They contacted the team at gloversure to build them a WordPress website that was informative and easy for users to follow. Whilst reflecting their friendly and approachable manner as a business. In turn, we produced a professional accountant web design that was stylish and intuitive for users to use.

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Childcare Sector


North Wales



A professional accoutancy design that reflects thier approcahble, friendly nature

The colour scheme used by Edwards of Gwynedd is orange, blue, and white. Our designers harnessed the power of these colours to create eye-catching web elements. Used with good balance across headings, titles and calls to action. As well as embracing the power of white space to improve readability.
Additionally, we utilised a transparent navigation bar. Including dropdowns to help customers find exactly what they need quickly.


Accommodating thier Welsh audience

Secondly, due to their location, the majority of their custom comes from Welsh businesses. So, we embedded a WPML WordPress Plugin to ensure welsh speakers were accommodated. Therefore enabling the website with bilingual functionality.


Embedding a 'Meet the team' layout, further expressing thier inviting personality

Edwards of Gwynedd expressed their importance of communicating a professional yet personable service. Hence why they say ‘we understand your business, but we also know your dog’s name!’

In addition to further strengthen their company personality and brand. We embedded an additional ‘meet the team’ layout. It’s structured and professional letting Edwards of Gwynedd get their personal touch across.


Captivating introductory video to EOG on the homepage

Furthermore, the accountant website design is easy to navigate.  Arrow icons point downwards to guide customers through the customer journey. Breaking up the text with imagery and video content along the way.

Importantly the video gives visitors an insight into Edwards of Gwynedd and the services they provide. On top of that, it looks visually professional and keeps site visitors engaged.


Expanding thier content reach with an educational blogging system

Finally, to help Edwards of Gwynedd grow and expand their reach. We integrated a blogging system into their website. Which along with the rest of the website is easy for the admin to edit, delete and update content.

Moreover, with a blog page, Edwards of Gwynedd can write business-related blogs that keep customers informed and up to date. As well as being a key strategy to driving more customers to their website.

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