Packaging World.

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A bespoke, scalable Magento 2 store packed with custom features

Packaging World was established in 2004 and has since gone from strength to strength, rapidly growing the business with their dedicated team. They chose gloversure because of our proven experience building and designing large eCommerce websites using Magento 2. As they needed a range of features, their new website would need to provide benefits to the business and their customers.

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A visually stunning eCommerce website that has been customised specifically for Packaging World. The website hosts a range of useful features to assist the user in choosing the right products for them. From product filters, product size diagrams, measurement converter, features lists, and even a customised design mockup option.

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Custom features add even more benefits for the end-user while having an intuitive admin area

The website is easily navigated with the use of a large Mega Menu. Users can quickly and efficiently find the type of products that they require. Each product page has information for the user, such as if the product is Eco Friendly, Recyclable, suitable to be posted, stock lead time, similar products, eCatalogues, and a VAT calculator. The admin area of the website is completely intuitive and manageable, which means going forward that the Packaging World team can keep the website up-to-date easily.


UX and UI design working with default and bespoke features to add more value to the user and business

We’ve designed this website with users in mind, focusing on how people would navigate through the website and how they interact with the different features. The UX/UI design delivers consistency throughout, encouraging users to make a purchase with a call to action running throughout the site, the website is made with increased engagement in mind. 

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Options for the customer to design their own products, saving the Packaging World team time

Packaging World’s old website didn’t offer an option for the customer to customise or design their products online. The new website now offers customers customisable features with a Printing Gallery and Printing Page. These allow customers to see how their chosen images and or text will look on a certain product. In addition to this, once the image and text have been chosen, it then allows users to continue to purchase the product. Making it easier for the customer while saving time for Packaging World.


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