Skirtings R Us.


A powerful Magento 2 website for MDF moulding experts Skirtings R Us.

With a rich history spanning over a decade, Skirtings R Us specialise in delivering tailor-made MDF skirting boards, architraves, and molding supplies. Retailing to both merchants and households.

Established in 2012, they understand the uniqueness of each residential and commercial environment. With a driving dedication to producing high-quality bespoke skirting boards and architraves, their diverse range of styles complements any property, showcasing expertise and experience in the field.

Striving to emerge as a leading national supplier, Skirtings R Us approached us to develop a robust Magento eCommerce website. Our goal was to create a user-friendly platform that not only facilitates business expansion but also effectively highlights our products, subsequently streamlining the purchasing process for our valued customers.

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Droitwich, Worcestershire


The Results…

In response to the client’s specifications, our team crafted a custom Magento 2 website that effectively presents their extensive product range through engaging, minimalist design.

Boasting various features and modules aimed at enhancing user experience, such as bulk order discounts and complimentary samples, the final result is a sophisticated eCommerce site designed to evolve alongside our client’s business.

The fusion of cohesive branding and an array of impressive features culminates in a holistic and personalised browsing journey. This accomplishment solidifies their position as a premier supplier of MDF moldings.


A contemporary web design with attention to detail

Highlighting their product range was a top priority for Skirtings R Us, leading us to develop a homepage focused on clear navigation. The design incorporates distinct sections for product categories and showcases featured products with high-quality imagery. To offer customers deeper insights, we integrated a gallery feature displaying finished projects that utilised skirting boards and moldings from Skirtings R Us.

Next, we strategically incorporated negative space between sections for a more balanced composition. The colour palette was streamlined, predominantly featuring calming shades of blue and grey. These elements place emphasis on imagery and enhancing the visibility and usability of the Order Editor feature.

Maintaining a cohesive color scheme throughout the website reinforces Skirtings R Us’ brand identity, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing online presence.


Comprehensive filters to find the perfect product

In our commitment to facilitating a seamless product search experience, we’ve implemented comprehensive filters on every category page. These filters empower users to refine their search based on specific criteria such as length, width, thickness, and style. Subsequently ensuring they can easily pinpoint the perfect product.

Each product link is thoughtfully designed to include vivid imagery that vividly showcases the respective product. Tax-free prices and complete product names are prominently displayed, contributing to a transparent and informative browsing experience.


Informed purchases with review integrations

We understand the significance of thorough product information in the decision-making process for customers. To cater to this need, we seamlessly integrated services like the Yotpo review widget. Scrolling testimonials are strategically placed on both the homepage and every product page, offering firsthand insights from authentic customers.

This deliberate attention to user feedback not only enhances trust but also encourages customer loyalty. Additionally, we incorporated a Google Reviews summary box at the bottom of each page, providing users with a quick view of the website’s overall rating. This feature also gives them the opportunity to contribute their own reviews. This multifaceted approach ensures that customers can make informed purchases and feel confident in their decision to return.


Tailored pricing for customers

Skirtings R Us are committed to accommodating a diverse customer base, leading us to integrate a Tax Switcher button. This unique feature empowers customers to choose whether tax is included in the displayed price. Providing them with a clearer pricing structure and fostering increased transparency and trust.

To further enhance the user experience, we’ve incorporated intuitive Price Summary boxes on every product page. These dynamic boxes reflect users’ choices in length, thickness, finish, and quantity, ensuring that the displayed price is tailored to their specific preferences. This attention to detail not only streamlines the purchasing process but also reinforces Skirtings R Us’ dedication to providing personalised and transparent pricing for every customer.


An informative blogging system and intuitive customer communication

Recognising the pivotal role of blogs in generating leads and attracting visitors, Skirtings R Us prioritised creating an informative online presence. To achieve this, we seamlessly integrated the Mirasvit Blog MX module, establishing a robust blogging system. Subsequently, users can effortlessly explore the blog, benefitting from dedicated sections highlighting popular and recent posts. Building trust and offering valuable product information and tips.

In line with our commitment to enhancing user experience, we implemented an automatic Abandoned Cart email system. If users accidentally close their tab or exit the site with items in their basket, these emails serve as gentle reminders. They not only remind customers of their unfinished transactions but also provide a detailed list of the products in their cart. This thoughtful feature allows users to seamlessly resume their shopping experience without the hassle of searching for each product again. The results? Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty for Skirtings R Us.

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