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A user-centric eCommerce for the Ironmongery specialists, From the Anvil

In 1996, Mark Underhill and his wife Bernadette started to sell ironmongery and fixings to joiners and builders. Two years on, they started designing their own range of traditional handmade ironmongery after spotting a lack of product choices in the market. Marks’ bespoke range was forged by hand on an anvil giving them unrivalled strength and a unique wealth of character.

26 years later From the Anvil has become a UK-renowned name for quality artistry and refined design. Branching their stunning collection to a comprehensive range of both ironmongery and lightning. Mark and Bernadette’s entrepreneurial spirit has led them to the being stocked in over 200 showrooms, and retailers up and down the country.

In 2019, the skilled blacksmiths contacted our team for a dynamic eCommerce store that would accommodate their large portfolio of products. Our team specialises in bespoke website design for manufacturing companies, helping strengthen their image, and deliver guests an outstanding online experience.

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Optimising page speed

Website page speed is one of the most influential factors in engaging customers on your website. To combat the impatience of web users we integrated their website with the ‘Amasty Google Page Speed Optimiser’. Focused on improving Google’s page speed scores this site-enhancing plugin effectively optimises code and images. As well as enabling a lazy loading strategy.

When flushing the cache on Magento, a customer will need to visit a page before that page becomes cached again. By utilising the ‘Amasty Full Page Cache Warmer’ this module ensures uncached pages are cached before customers visit them. Further giving website users a fast-loading user experience.


Improving SEO capabilities

We drastically enhanced the SEO capabilities of From the Anvils website thanks to the all-in-one SEO solution, Amasty SEO tool kit. A powerful plugin designed to solve multiple optimization problems at once. Auto-generating meta tags, building smart redirects, preventing duplicate content and much more.


Mega-menu & Search System

To accommodate From the Anvils large product selection we embedded their website with a mega menu. A navigation bar with easy-to-follow drop-downs per product collection. Each drop-down quickly opens up to show the relevant pages and also external image links. These image links are an opportunity for our client to upsell current offers, award-winning products and so forth.

Additionally, if website users can’t find products via the mega menu they can alternatively use their embedded search system. Here, guests can search the entire ‘From the Anvil’ store and login into their customer profiles. As users type they are instantaneously answered with ‘Popular Searches’, ‘Recent Searches’ and ‘Products’.

The popular searches guess what the visitor is searching for and offer ‘suggestions’ for what it might be. Directing users to the relevant search results. Whereas ‘Products’ shows singular products for instant access to specific product pages.


Simplifying admin management & meeting legal requirements

To simplify admin management, we utilised the robust Mirasvit Asynchronous Indexer plugin for Magento 2. Giving From the Anvil a convenient admin interface to monitor the indexer’s statuses. Presenting them with the tools for an automated update of indexers. Improving overall website performance and product data integrity.

Ensuring that our client complies with the latest legislative EU requirements, we integrated their website with the Amasty GDPR plugin. Collecting all of the required user consents to protect their business long-term. As well as strengthening the website’s data security and privacy. 


Expanding product audience reach

To expand From The Anvils audience reach and sales channels, we integrated their website with the ‘Amasty Product Feed’.  This clever integration takes the time-consuming hassle out of listing products on online retailers such as eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, Amazon and more. Allowing our client to easily generate custom fields with ready-to-use templates for quick and efficient product feed set-up.


Gallery Page & Inspiration Pages

From the Anvil’s Magento eCommerce effectively showcases their products in real-life scenarios thanks to their inspiration pages such as Key Looks, Finishes, Videos and Case Studies.  Key Looks for example allows our client to upsell particular styles such as Country Charm, Quirky Eclectic, Contemporary and Classically Commercial. Allowing them to group certain products into audience-focused pages.


Connecting website visitors with physical stores

From the Anvil’s products are located in over 200+ showrooms and retailers across the UK. To connect website visitors to thier closest available store, we integrated the ‘Amasty Store Finder’. A handy tool that pinpoints points of sale according to the address put in by the website user.


Creating an 'upmarket' appeal

From the Anvil work hard to deliver a premium level of quality and refined artistry. We needed to reflect their upmarket appeal throughout the web design. Firstly, we adopted a light grey and white colour scheme. It’s easy on the eye and draws the user’s attention directly to the diverse colours of their products.

Moreover, From The Anvil utilises In Situ Gallery. An effective tool that allows our clients to showcase their high-definition imagery in an array of different gallery layouts. The different layouts fall perfectly to create a sleek, contemporary structure.

As well as this, the team used a sophisticated font for titles and headings, one that matches the character of the brand.  Together, we balanced the visual weight of their images, text and white space to create a spacious, unified web design that’s on-brand, modern and easy to navigate.


Brochures & newsletter sign-up

Within From the Anvils industry, customers often enjoy browsing through brochures as a means of choosing a product. To make life simple, guests can easily view the brochure online, or view a downloadable version. On top of this, for those customers that like a physical brochure they can request one thanks to an embedded contact form.

Additionally, to support From The Anvil in growing its emailing list we included a ‘newsletter sign-up’ bar in the footer of the website. Where customers have to simply add their email address and click subscribe.

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