Agri-Supply UK.

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Dynamic Magento 2 store, equipped with customer enhancing integrations

Established in 2007, Agri-Supply UK is an online retailer of Agricultural goods. They boast a large product portfolio including tractor parts, workshop products and animal husbandry. As well as being electric fencing specialists. In fact, they stock one of the largest ranges of electric fencing in the UK. They recognise the direct impact the rural community has on their success as a company. As a result, they strive to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. In order to help the agricultural community grow. Not only that, but they also aim to provide the most innovative agricultural products available. Helping their customers find valuable solutions to their problems.

Agri-Supply approached us to build them a website that reflected their status as a modern agricultural retailer. As well as creating a suitable image through agriculture website design. Agri-Supply emphasised their desire for an outstanding customer-centric website. To meet their demands we embedded their new Magento 2 website with a number of integrations and features.  Focused on supporting customers through every step of the customer journey.

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Agricultural Machinery

Electrical Fencing

Animal Husbandry



Bayford, Herts

London, United Kingdom


Supporting customers with live chat

One of the best ways to support customers online is by integrating a live chat service. Hence why we integrated Customers of Agri-Supply can now get quick, dependable on-site support. Creating memorable positive interactions with consumers as their queries are answered quickly. Furthermore, Agri-Supply can use the live chat connection to tag and assign conversations to specific team members. Ensuring the right person is responding at the right time.


Building trust with a secure payment gateway

Their new agriculture website design looks professional and trustworthy. But to further build trust we knew a secure payment gateway was important.  As a result, we input the Evalon Payment Gateway into their new website. Consumers can feel safe purchasing with Agri-Supply, whether on a desktop or mobile device. The integration supports secure, seamless online payment through a number of retail point-of-sale solutions and connectivity choices.

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Inuitive navigation embedded with the fastest, most advanced search enhancement plugin

To accommodate their large product range they now have a superb functioning navigation bar with multiple dropdowns. On top of this, we used Mirasavit Sphinx Search. Magento 2’s most advanced and fastest search extension. Showing the most relevant search results instantly. Supported for desktop, mobile and tablet. Furthermore, the efficient tool autocompletes and autocorrects words for clients as they type. Making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and recommending related products.

Additionally, Sphinx search allows Agri-Supply to create their own vocabulary of stop words and synonyms. The stopword feature removes unnecessary words like ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. As a result, the results of the search are more relevant. Synonyms, on the other hand, can provide additional search results for similar words found in the search query.

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Enhancing customer loyalty through targeted pop-ups and special occasions integration

To help Agri-Supply grow and build a loyal customer base, we did one of two things. Firstly, to build a bigger email base where Agri-Supply can reach their customers we included a newsletter pop up. Immediate pop-ups can deter people from websites. That’s why we ensured we used timed-pop ups. As they’re less intrusive and are more likely to sign up.   In addition, at the bottom of each page, there is a newsletter sign-up form to encourage more sign-ups.

Secondly, to further build customer loyalty we added the Amasty special occasions tool. This automatically generates discount codes/coupons based on birthdays, newsletter subscriptions, order placement and other events. Allowing Agri-Supply to pick from a variety of custom email templates that are built to draw customers’ attention and build their loyalty.



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Expanding their product range through advanced KRAMP integration

KRAMP is Europe’s largest specialist in spare parts and accessories for the agricultural industry. With an API Kramp integration, Agri-Supply can pick and choose which products to include on their website. All the product information is retrieved and inserted into the website. Giving Agri-Supply’s customers an even bigger range of products to choose from.

As well as expanding their catalogue we also ensured all their existing products were available. By utilising the BigCommerce to Magento Migration. All of their products were easily transferred from their old site to their new one. Importing the relevant data and information with ease.


Boosting organic traffic through a higher SERP ranking

Finally, after we built Agri-Supply a stunning agriculture website design. We wanted to help them grow further by showing off their new site.  Therefore we took advantage of the Amasty SEO toolkit. Which maximises their SEO effectiveness by getting full control over every SEO related feature. For instance, removing duplicate content, auto-replacing targeted keywords with cross-linking, and much more.



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