Luxury Coastal.


A captivating SuperControl website for the prestigious, award-winning holiday agency: Luxury Coastal.

Founded in 2019, Luxury Coastal pride themselves on creating unforgettable holidays along the stunning coastline of South West England. By providing unmatched levels of customer service and local knowledge, Luxury Coastal are fast becoming the name in high end staycations, with an expanding portfolio of beautiful properties stretching from shore to shore.

Despite their continued success, they recognised the need for a complete website overhaul to stay ahead in the competitive holiday rental industry.

This is where we came in. Luxury Coastal contacted our experienced team, in need of a bespoke SuperControl website that stood out from the competition and accelerated bookings.

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Exeter, UK



A user-friendly digital experience that has to be seen to be believed. A beautiful new website that’s packed with intuitive features, creating a browsing experience that’s second to none.

Adorned with Luxury Coastal’s fresh new branding elements, users are taken through an intricate browsing journey, with carefully curated destination and property sections that showcase the best of Luxury Coastal’s extensive portfolio.


An unforgettable first impression with a beautiful new web design

For Luxury Coastal, creating a strong image was crucial. After supplying our design team with comprehensive brand guidelines, we set to work, crafting unique pages that reflected their ethos.

The combination of soft roundle graphics and waves is a nod to Luxury Coastals’ oceanic roots, with structured sections providing critical information and bold, legible headings, designed with usability and accessibility in mind.

Our team also implemented a responsive design approach, with custom mobile website designs to guarantee optimal performance on various devices.


Lightning-fast bookings with SuperControl API integration

Creating a fast, user-friendly booking journey for their users was paramount to Luxury Coastal, and with this in mind, our experienced team went about integrating SuperControl’s powerful booking system, with caching for better page speeds and a blog system that provides interesting and insightful guides to the local area.

As standard, the SuperControl booking calendar on each property page has been developed to match their new branding perfectly, strengthening their brand whilst displaying up-to-the-minute pricing and availability, creating a smoother booking process and a better digital experience.


A comprehensive search experience from beginning to end

For users, being able to find the right property for their needs is a key element of the booking process, and by creating a powerful search experience packed with helpful features, users can narrow down their search to find the perfect property.

With advanced filters beneath the search bar, users can pick from a variety of options, from hot tubs and property types to properties by number of bedrooms and distance from the beach, complemented by a convenient recent search button that remembers users past searches in case they want to revisit them.

Developed with flexibility in mind using React, users can search by property name or destination, as well by the number of guests and whether they want to filter by pet-friendly properties creating a tailored experience.


Property pages packed with detail

Every property page features a plethora of insightful information, from key feature and room information dropdowns that minimise as needed, to a pre-filled calendar that reflects the price and date of the users’ original search.

With usability and transparency at the heart of everything Luxury Coastal does, informative tooltips below each booking calendar emphasise their bespoke flexible payment plan, with a highlighted link to find out more.

Detailed maps highlight key location information, complemented by meticulous information on local sights and attractions.


A range of features to keep users informed and included

For Luxury Coastal, building and maintaining relationships with their audience is part of who they are, with this in mind, our team integrated a newsletter signup on each page, encouraging users to sign up and keep up to date with the latest updates and news from Luxury Coastal HQ.

Additionally, every page features a social media integration from Instagram, giving their users behind the scenes access and sneak previews of new properties.


Client Feedback

“Thank you for your work on the website. It’s genuinely better than any of us had ever imagined and it really has brought our vision to life. We’re extremely proud to show it off to everyone and excited to get using it!”

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