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Stunning, modern SuperControl websites that help to boost bookings, keeping your season’s calendar full.

We are one of a select number of companies that SuperControl recommends on their own website through their developer zone. We have worked closely with SuperControl since 2011, meaning we know the system intently and can create bespoke features within it. 

Our team of web specialists has a wealth of experience creating websites using the SuperControl platform. We have a framework for a number of Content management systems, this allows us to plugin tried and tested code that connects straight to your new website. Furthermore, this framework has been developed to be very fast with options to cache data on your website in order to make your website even faster. In turn, creating the best possible experience for the end-users.

Having created numerous holiday accommodation and travel agency websites. In other words, this makes us a great choice for developing your new website with SuperControl booking software.

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Here are some of our recent SuperControl development projects below.

The roof of a house in front of a sea view

Sage & Sea

Grey skies with a rainbow tower over a range of houses with balconys

The Bay Talland

A red and white wooden rowing boat in front of a rocky coastal beach with blue waters

Cornwalls Cottages

Balcony view of a busy harbour with blue skies

Brixham Holiday Homes

Outside table and chairs on a seafront

Luxury Coastal

A stoney backyard of a house with palm trees in pots and a table and chairs

Staycation Holidays

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In addition to choosing SuperControl to manage your bookings comes with many bonuses. One very important feature is security, all transactions that are made via the website take place on SuperControl’s enhanced security servers. Furthermore, keeping your customer’s details safe and you GDPR compliant.

The SuperControl API is very complex and requires a good level of know-how to grab data in the most efficient way. In addition, we have devised a way to store everything your website needs locally. Meaning our SuperControl websites are now 10x faster than ever before greatly reducing the number of transaction drop-offs.

We’ve developed a number of features that complement the existing functionality of SuperControl. Our most recent addition is our custom-built calendar addon that allows dynamic content to be loaded onto a page e.g. if the month selected is December, then the custom winter image collection will be displayed. Meaning you have an extra level of customisation for your website.


The system supports many bespoke items of content such as 3D tours and videos.

The amenity that appears on your search form will be easily changed. You will be able to select from all of the amenities that you have registered.

Our easy to use landing page generator allows you to create custom pages that target specific keywords. For example, if you wanted to launch a campaign to sell more dog-friendly properties, you will be able to create a new page with a dog-related image and some text; this will also filter down the results to only properties that accept dogs.

We integrate with SuperControl from the users first search, to sending them to SuperControl’s website to make the booking. This means that any information you enter in will automatically update your website, saving you time and money. 

Our new calendar retrieves the latest prices and availability you input into SuperControl, giving your customers the most up to date data.


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