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Since 2004 we’ve developed over 100 websites for holiday agencies and holiday lettings across the UK and abroad. Working with some of the largest names in luxury travel.

Our 19 years of experience within this industry has forged a rich understanding of how it works and how best to maximise our client’s potential. It’s what makes us travel agency website design specialists. Guiding you towards the future of more bookings, return customers and long-term growth.

Make online booking as memorable as the holiday itself…

Booking a holiday online should be just a small, stress-free part of a customer’s holiday experience, so make it a memorable one. So good, that they come straight back to you for their next trip. We build websites that not only deliver a smooth online booking process but ones that are designed to capture your audience’s attention and strengthen your brand identity.

Our expertise has led to the creation of custom features designed to increase conversions and convert visitors into repeat customers. These unique features have been critical to our client’s success.


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Discover just why we are travel agency website design specialists.

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Fast, direct, simple booking process

When booking a holiday it can feel like there are 101 things to remember. We take the stress out of the moment and enhance the feelings of pre-holiday excitement.

By understanding the way your audience behaves online we’ll build a customer journey that’s straight to the point, easy to understand and flows from start to finish smoothly. We aim to minimise the customer journey to its most simplistic form.

Grabbing the essence of your business

What distinguishes your travel agency from others? Are you a high-end travel agency that only provides luxurious facilities in sought-after locations? Or do you provide customers exceptional value for their money as a cost-effective travel agency?

Your brand and the design on your website highly reflects what sort of property owner or agency you are. We’ll take time to understand your company’s aspirations, history and values. Grabbing the essence of your brand and balancing it effectively across your website into a targeted, captivating design.

An efficient front-end search system

When visitors arrive at your travel website development they have one goal in mind – to find the perfect property for them. Additionally, the majority of customers will have specific property requirements.

We’ll develop an efficient front-end search system that lets users find a property specific to their needs. It’s up to you what search variables you want to include; Dates, Sleeps, Pets…the options are limitless.

SuperControl Integration

SuperControl is an efficient property management and booking system that can be integrated into your website easily. We can integrate an iFrame Widget for single properties, or on the other hand, to meet the demands of bigger businesses, we can integrate the API specifically for Holiday Agencies. Big clients such as Luxury Coastal made use of this feature.

Find out more about SuperControl, our dedicated Ignite solution and which integration is best for you.

Your Travel & Tourism Web Design Partner:

Partner with gloversure to elevate your travel and tourism business to new heights. Our team is committed to delivering outstanding web design solutions that align with your goals and drive growth.

Let’s embark on this digital journey together and create a captivating online presence for your travel and tourism venture.

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Exclusive travel agency website design features

Since 2011, we have been working alongside SuperControl. Leading to a comprehensive understanding of their system, and how to maximise its potential with the development of bespoke features within it. Here are our exclusive gloversure travel agency website design features…

Custom Built Calendars

Most booking integrations give property owners/agencies a set-design calendar. One that goes against the grain of your web design and company branding. With us, you’ll get a tailor-made calendar that matches your brand styling. Creating a consistent brand identity across every web page and a more cohesive design. 

Caching Module

Holiday seekers are impatient, and slow page speed could be the difference between them booking with you and booking with a competitor. We developed a caching module to combat this. The module delivers search results substantially faster than the industry standard. 

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