Elecro Engineering - TouchSmart App.


A multi-functional app that’s intuitive to use, for UK leading water heater engineers, Elecro Engineering

Elecro Engineering Limited, founded in 1997, is a leading manufacturer in the UK. Specialising in swimming pools, spas, splashers, aquatic heating and disinfection products. They distribute their high-quality products to over 70 countries worldwide. Elecro is passionate about the products they produce. As a result, they are continually evaluating their own products. Striving for continuous innovation. In turn, their expert team has developed cutting-edge innovations. Re-engineering their products with great success. In order to achieve the best results for their customers.

They built their comprehensive range of products on two principles. Firstly, on being energy-efficient. Secondly, on being cost-effective. In addition, they provide excellent customer service. Guiding their customers through the buying process. As well as providing after-sales and technical support. Their core values reiterate this; Passion, Expertise, Quality and Integrity.

Elecro reached out to us seeking an industrial app development. One that would enhance their service offerings. They sought a user-friendly app built specifically for their TouchSmart range. Allowing their customers to control their TouchSmart products remotely from their smartphones.

We have a wealth of experience when working on industrial app development. As a result, the team at gloversure produced an easy to use, intuitive app. Allowing Elecro customers to control their TouchSmart products at any time, anywhere.






Water Heating


A dynamic app built for a seamless user-expereince

Elecro’s new app is packed with helpful customer features. Users can, for example, see the current water temperature. As well as change it to their desired temperature. Customers can also turn their products entirely on or off. On top of this, they can manage the operation modes and set major parameters such as a timer & clock.


Compatible with a range of TouchSmart products

The time-saving app is compatible with Elecro’s TouchSmart product range. Including the Heatsmart Controller, Poolsmart Controller, Optima Compact Electrical Heater and more. Its vast compatibility means customers can control a number of products in one place.


Commandeering to their global exportation

As an international exporter, we ensured the app was available in 5 different languages. Customers can choose between English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. Thus meeting the needs of their global audience.

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