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A dark wooden cabin in a woodland setting


Scandinavian web design for Greta-Mae Cabins

Greta-Mae is an award-winning independent interior design studio based in Mid-Wales. Featured in both national and regional magazines, Greta-Mae’s services stretch from full house designs to commercial interior design. As well as the design and rental of Nordic-inspired cabins. Owner Amy Jones’s meticulous mentality and eye for style has ensured her guests are equipped with all the essentials whilst immersing themselves into a luxury-fuelled escape, deep in the woodlands. Guests can relax, unwind and destress in the tranquillity of the cabin’s verdant location and flawless craftsmanship.

Amy Jones contacted the team requesting a WordPress booking website that would match the character of her carefully curated cabins. As well as delivering eager retreat seekers a seamless online booking process from entry to exit.

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The Results…

Smooth-functioning and intuitive, this Scandinavian web design embraces the beauty of simplicity whilst effectively showcasing everything our client has to offer. The content is divided into easily readable block structures in a visually appealing layout that encourages action. Building a completely unique website that mirror’s our client’s aesthetic; full of character, personality and simplicit elegance.


Showcasing Greta-Mae's aesthetic cabins

The team crafted a luxury, contemporary web design that visually paints a picture of what a stay at Greta-Mae cabins could look like. The website’s structure enables Greta-Mae to effectively showcase the cabin’s beauty from every angle. As website users progress down the various web pages they gradually unravel new, inviting imagery.

For example, on the ‘The Rooms’ section on the homepage, we utilised a mosaic gallery that enables our client to show four images in a neat cluster. However, further down the homepage on ‘The Gallery’ we displayed their content in an automatic sliding gallery. By changing the layout of block structures, it keeps the content interesting and users engaged for longer.


Minimalism 101: A simple colour scheme

Scandinavian design is characterised by a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and light spaces, devoid of clutter. We followed suit, and to fully encompass the power of this styling, minimalism is key. Which requires a simple colour scheme. We opted for an off-white and light beige colour scheme. A light, airy pairing that works together nicely to create a sense of calm and openness. Moreover, in a slightly darker beige hue, we added a few ‘fern’ leaves behind text blocks; paying homage to the cabin’s woodland setting and giving the website a subtle texture.


Combining contemporary & traditional typefaces

Greta Mae’s interior design is all about bringing antique and modern elements together to create a distinct space. This same concept of combing old and new came into practice when balancing typography across the website.

Following our client’s brand guidelines, we combined traditional script fonts with a fine-lined modern font. The two typefaces complement one another, evoking feelings of establishment and experience, but also showcasing them as a modern business.


Animations & Call-to-actions

At the top of the homepage, a styled arrow button handily takes users down the page, rather than scrolling. On top of this, the website is interwoven with smooth-flowing animations. For example, strategically placed call-to-actions such as ‘Book A Stay’, pop out and become underlined with an arrow as users hover over them. A subtle animation that emphasises the action.


Engaging users with an attractive, structured layout

This Scandinavian web design centralises on the user. Focusing on UX to give the user an easy, free-flowing booking experience. The light, airiness of the website effectively enhances readability and engages potential customers for longer. As well as this, a fine-lined hamburger menu makes navigating the website simple.

Additionally, we structured the website with sharp-edged visible borders. Separating sections into neat blocks which allows users to navigate through the website with ease. This same bordered aesthetic creates an uncluttered, spacious appeal, just like the cabins.


Functionality over form

Nordic minimalism prides itself on favouring functionality over form. We embodied this principle; creating a wholly utilitarian flowing website. We used a hamburger menu to navigate users around the website. As it pops out, the content on the page behind it becomes ‘blurred’, a muted approach to design that makes the pages easier to read.

Similarly, the booking process cuts out superfluous features and provides users with a unified, seamless experience that feels natural and frictionless. Additionally, guests can easily contact the team at Great-Mae using their contact page, fitted with a contact form. As well as this, the contact page has an embedded map to help guests locate the cabin easily.


Client Feedback:

“ I was recommended to gloversure by a friend of mine who had also used them when she was in need of a new website for her holiday let business. I couldn’t have been happier with the level of service, the friendliness, and the professionalism of the team. The team held my hand through the whole process and were always there when I asked the silliest of questions. I am very happy with the finished product and wouldn’t hesitate to endorse them to anyone else who needs a new website”

Amy Jones – Greta-Mae Cabins

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