Livestock Count App.

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Managing field invertory on the go

gloversure Managing Director, Richard Glover-Davies, who comes from a farming background saw a gap in the market for a livestock counting app. In turn, our app development team got to work and produced a reliable, highly-convenient app for farmers.

The innovative solution enables farmers to manage their livestock inventory on the go. Crafted to be simple to use with easy navigation. Moreover, since its release, it has received outstanding feedback and has over 2,000 farmers using it. In fact its reached farmers as far as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the United States, and India. Helping farmers worldwide keep track of their stock count.

Available on both the app store and Google play.










A clean, modern app that’s intuitive to use. Built for farmers, where they can easily see exactly what livestock and how many are where. Simple. Effective.


Organising fields with geolocation functionality

Firstly, farmers can create different fields and add them to their farms. Each field can be pinpointed onto a map which makes it easier to view all fields geographically. The app uses your location to easily pinpoint where you and each field is. Thereafter farmers can manage their livestock by adding or removing animals to and from a field.

Additionally, using geographical location the app also tells you exactly how far you are from each field and which is closest.

As well as this farmers can add notes to any field. These notes can be used as reminders or for better communication with other farmworkers.


Adding livestock with ease

Furthermore, farmers can easily add different livestock types. Which can then be added to fields. The original app breaks down each livestock type and its totals. Therefore letting farmers quickly access the information they require.


Multiple users to keep the farm running smoothly

We understood that not always the same workers are counting stock. So, we made sure farmers could add multiple users to help manage livestock. Aswell being able to remove user access to your farm at any time; meaning adding temporary workers is an easy, straightforward task.


Offline capability

Finally, we crafted Livestock Count with offline capability. Subsequently making sure that the fundamental features work without a connection. Subsequently, accommodating all farmers working in rural locations.

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