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Crafting an attractive WordPress resort website design

Overlooking the upper Severn valley, Love2Stay Mid-Wales is a newly built luxury resort located in Caersws, near Newtown. Perfectly nestled into the rolling Montgomeryshire hills, the resort focuses on the health and well-being of its guests. Offering a beautiful, naturistic getaway for both families and couples. Fit with an expansive range of accommodations, on-site activities and eateries. Love2Stay has really gone the extra mile to ensure there is something for everyone, of all ages.

Seeking a resort website design and development, their team got in touch with ours to discuss their requirements. Requesting a website that would effectively showcase everything they have to offer. Whilst inspiring customers to take further action…

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Caersws, Newtown



A smooth-functioning resort website design that effectively encompasses Love2Stays ethos and identity into an inviting design. Upselling everything our client has to offer in a simplistic structure that’s easy to navigate for holiday-seekers. Packed with SEO-friendly content to help Love2Stay enhance its search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.

Resort website design home page for Love2Stay Mid-Wales


Encapsulating brand ethos & identity

Staying true to its roots, Love2Stay has a strong brand ethos that’s all about reconnecting with nature, digital detoxing and indulging in luxury home comforts. Moreover, to help them build a strengthened identity we wanted to express their tranquil ethos through a stunning web design.

Additionally, paying homage to their woodland setting and values, we designed the website with a light brown and off-white colour scheme that looks stylish and eco-friendly. Furthermore, to add more texture to the website’s background, we included sizable logos in a lighter brown colour behind the text and images.

Page showcase of Love2Stays resort website design


On-brand iconography, imagery and typefaces

Additionally, to further reflect their identity and ethos we used a specialist icons pack that better fitted their image. The icons are minimal and evoke a strong sense of escapism to nature. Allowing us to represent their facilities and benefits in a cool-eco, on-brand manner. Moreover, we used simplistic Raleway sans-serif fonts that look tasteful but also provide clear readability for eager holiday seekers.

As well as this, we utilised the Modula Gallery plugin to effectively showcase their resort’s accommodations and facilities. This useful tool allows our client to pick from a range of well-structured gallery layouts. In turn, by balancing these visuals across the resort website design we created an organic look unique to Love2Stay. It’s inviting and friendly but also conveys their luxurious appeal.

Beige coloured resort website design dispalyed on two mobile phone screens


Clear block structure & strategic call-to-actions

To counter their mainly text-based content we adopted a minimalist approach to their design. Building clean, block structure pages that neatly balance their text content into spaced-out, navigable information pages. Additionally, we strategically styled a large ‘Book Now’ call-to-action (CTA) in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. For this CTA we utilised their parent companies’ blue branding, remaining on-brand but also standing out amongst the mainly brown/off-white colourings.

Furthermore, we developed a sleek, minimal animation for the smaller CTAs, such as ‘More Info’ that appears when users hover over it. Small visual elements like this play a pivotal role in forming strong brand perceptions.


In-depth SEO analysis & review

Being a new resort, Love2Stay Mid-Wales needed to be as competitive as it can be in its busy market. Importantly, to boost their chances of traffic, we reviewed, analysed and optimised each page with industry-relevant keywords. As well as this, we made subtle tweaks to their content in general, for better readability. Therefore appealing more attractive to Google’s algorithm. Consequently boosting their pages with SEO-friendly content that Google loves.

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