Tour Talk.


Animation for Tour Talk

A creative Animation to showcase our established client Tour Talk and enable customers to visualise how their products can be used.

Tour Talk approached us requesting a custom animation to showcase the variety of ways that their products can be used. They wanted a 130-second animation to visualise their wireless communication systems and how they can be used for a wide range of applications. The Animation shows a step variety of scenarios of the successful use of their communication systems. The animation was to be creative and stand out against their competitors, but also to be informative and tell a story about the problems people are experiencing and how their products are the solution to these.

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Newtown, Powys




A campaign using creativity and innovation

From concept to initial storyboard designs and ideas to the build of the eye-catching animation. We produced an animated video to feature on the website showcasing their wireless communication systems. The creation of this animation will help to drive traffic to the new product pages and increase the likelihood of more enquiries and sales of the product in the future.

Tour Talk animation, displaying three characters with speech bubbles above thier heads in a museum


Appealing to a range of different sectors

Amongst the custom features of this visual video, was the ability to demonstrate the different applications and in different environments. The animation had to be appealing to not just one, but an array of different industries including Tourism, Interpretation, Industry and Theatres/Stadiums.


Communicating to an international audience

Crafted visually, the animation doesn’t have any voice over or text. This is to avoid the language barrier for their international clients. The animation therefore enables both new and existing customers to see how products can be used.



An illustrated animation that communicates to a wide audience. Simple illustrations to encourage viewers to focus on the process and usage. In addition the illustrations can be used across a variety of marketing material in future content.

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