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White VW work vans lined up


Work Forms Custom Development

Moving away from inefficient paper, allowing users to digitally fill forms, updating team leaders, and saving money.

Our client came to us requesting a custom mobile application to digitise, create and develop all of their paper forms into digital forms through an online portal. Therefore, becoming as paperless as possible. In turn, reducing carbon emissions, saving time and improving their workflow process.

When on-site in some conditions paper forms are just not viable, our client needed a digital solution. As a result, we developed an app that allows our clients to capture more data than ever before. Furthermore, everything is trackable and traceable.




United Kingdom

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Workforms is a service enabling companies to transfer their existing paper forms into digital forms, a digital version. As a result, these forms can now be filled out and signed using the application.

As a result, this is particularly useful for companies that need to perform regular maintenance checks on assets such as machinery or vehicles, or companies that simply have a high dependency on paper forms.


Produce a digital version of any paper form

Notifications when forms have been completed

Export form submissions to PDF or CSV.

Uploading photos relevant to the form (obviously difficult to print and attach photos to paper out on the field)

Provide and submit signature

Geographic Location details

Admin sharing files

Submit questions and receive answers through the portal


Firstly customers can build their forms using the admin panel, and choose which app users those forms are assigned to. Secondly, when a form is submitted by one of their app users, they can view the submission, any attached images, locations, signatures etc. Finally, the data can also be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.

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Our Solution

Further benefits and development details:

Customisable email notifications allow you to choose who receives an email based on selections a user makes. For example, managers may only wish to receive email notifications when a user submitting a form selects them as their manager.

Development features:

Web portal built using  Laravel, Bootstrap.js, jQuery, Webpack and SASS.

Allows work forms to create accounts for their customers, build forms for them and assign forms to those customers

App built-in Ionic for both iOS and Android

App users to log in and see a list of their assigned forms

Submit forms and upload photos, signatures, locations within the form

Available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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An app focused on functionality, detail and information

Workforms has revolutionised the way our client works, allowing them to add huge amounts of functionality, detail and information. Furthermore, all the forms are trackable and traceable, a true paper trail. In addition, the app stores form submissions so if a user loses signal and the form cannot be sent, it will be sent as soon as they have internet connectivity again (ideal for situations where forms need to be filled out in remote locations). This custom development didn’t take a huge amount of time to do, just a few weeks and has saved so much time and money for our client.


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