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Appraiser, a bespoke form builder app for Reconomy

Reconomy is the UK’s market-leading provider of technology-enabled outsourced recycling and resource management services. They co-ordinate in excess of 100,000 waste movements every month and annually manage over 3 million tonnes of waste. We’ve been working with Reconomy for a number of years, creating bespoke software and digital solutions for them.

This particular project commenced as Reconomy had a series of old apps consisting of ‘off the shelf’ pay monthly subscription software they wanted to transition away from, the app allows them to replicate the old appraisal forms and functionality just without the monthly cost. They also needed a range of bespoke features that would streamline the ordering process and cut out unnecessary paperwork.

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Waste Management

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Our digital solution

The solution is Appraiser (named after its main purpose of creating / managing and compleating appraisal forms), a bespoke app that allows users to have access to various appraisal forms, complete them, sign and submit them. The app has dynamic question types with customisable options. Appraiser displays a list of forms for the user to choose from and has the capacity to scale up, allowing new forms to be introduced and changed as required, meaning they can create any kind of appraisal form they want through their portal.

There are many custom features on the app including; customisable question options, forms can be completed offline and syncs when next connected to the internet, image uploader, signature pad, dynamic validation (fields that rely on other fields) and secure areas of the app for staff access only, as well as capturing the information and triggering the output to Salesforce.

Appraiser app saves Reconomy time and money, with no monthly subscription it has a real value to their staff and clients. The app has over 30 users at any one time and is used on a daily basis, helping to streamline some of the daily work-flow.

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