Financial Game.


Innovating the financial literacy industry

The financial game app is a mobile app developed to teach both the younger and older generations about accounting and money management.

The financial game company took advantage of our expertise and approached us to develop their app. They wanted an app that made learning about accounting and finance less mundane. Instead, they wanted to transform accounting and finance learning into an easy, fun experience. The financial Game wanted people to learn by seeing, hearing and doing.

An education app all in one.




The Result

As a result, we developed an eye-catching app that made a boring task an enjoyable fun user experience. As of January 2019, The Financial Game is the only app in the Microsoft Education Store which delivers Financial Literacy.

Financial game app displayed on two iphones standing upright, both displaying the game in play


Responsive Design

We developed the Financial Game mobile app using the open source framework PhoneGap. This allowed us to ensure that the app worked perfectly on both Android and iOS, on all different screen sizes such as iPads and Android tablets. Appealing further to its younger audience. The app worked smoothly on both iOS and Android. Increasing Financial Games download possibilities.


Cartoon visual style

We opted for a friendly, cartoon-like visual style to focus on the ‘easy learning’ element of the Financial game, as well as appeal further to their younger target market. We opted for bold blues, reds and yellows to better capture the attention of users.

Financial game app displayed on two iphones standing upright, one showing the load up screen the other showing the menu screen


Drag & Drop Functionality

The helpful game uses drag and drop functionality. Simple functionality that makes using the app straightforward for all users. The overall usability of the app feels natural for users, working intuitively. Moreover, the financial literacy is taught in a fun way through experiential learning.


Calculations & Information

Additionally, the app uses complex calculations related to the accounting and finance industry in order to calculate results. As well as this, the app is full of useful information and content. Helping the younger generation expand their knowledge of taxes, profit and loss statements and much more.

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