Core Gym Equipment.


A bold gym website design reflecting high-quality craftsmanship

Since 2014, Core Gym Equipment has established itself as a high-quality provider of British-manufactured gym equipment. Core Gym Equipment combines computer numerically controlled manufacturing methods with experienced skilled labour to craft high-quality, hand-built equipment. Equipment infused with passion and built for longevity. This perfectionist mindset that’s deep-rooted into the culture of Core gym Equipment has garnered a reputable name within the gym equipment industry.

Our client utilises third-party operators as a means of selling online. Despite this, they had never had a website of their own. In turn, they got in touch with the team to make it happen, giving them a visually attractive gym website design to showcase everything they have to offer.

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A dark-themed, daring design

Our team crafted a dark-themed WooCommerce store with minimal visual design elements. The dark theme not only matched our client’s branding but also amplified the emotional tension associated with gyming; bold, daring and empowering.

Additionally, we capitalized and styled certain titles in a bold, sturdy typeface. Further evoking a sense of grit and pride. Values that resonate with their target audience. The dark contrast of the website allows us to give the bold titles a transparent effect over image blocks. Creating a stylish cluster of content whilst remaining readable. In turn, the collection of visuals creates a cohesive gym website design.



Crafting a fluid customer journey with the WOOF plugin, navigation bar and search system

We created a customer journey with a strong emphasis on UX. By embedding the WOOF (WooCommerce plugin Products Filter) plugin customers can make use of a convenient price slider function on each product grouping, with individual search bars and a category drop-down. Making it simple for customers to find products that match their exact needs.

Furthermore, a navigation bar with drop-downs at the top of the page allows guests to easily navigate their way around the website. If guests can’t find what they’re looking for via the navigation bar they can simply use the embedded search system.



Showcasing their high-quality product range in well-structured layout

Neatly structured product pages make it simple for website visitors to absorb the product specification and images. On top of this, a blue, on-brand call-to-action (CTA) stands boldly amongst the content, encouraging visitors to enquire about the product.  We utilised WooCommerce to display the products, but once the CTA is clicked on the website users are redirected to a third party.

To showcase the products and brand imagery we utilised a range of engaging content blocks. For example, the boxed ‘Product Catalogue’ cluster of images on the homepage, effectively communicates what equipment they produce. Additionally, on product pages ‘Related Products’ shows similar products on a grid-based sliding banner at the bottom of the page. As well as this, the homepage utilises more spacious content blocks. Making it easy for our client to add both image and text content with good readability.

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