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Dieting app for Android and iOS

Fine Dieting® is a dieting app for Android and iOS. A bespoke piece of software for a leading innovator in diet plans.

Fine Dieting® is a leading innovator in diet plans. They have created a plan that is individually tailored with hundreds of recipes, training videos, a flexible diary system and dozens of exciting new features to support users on their weight loss journey.

We were approached to develop a high end app to showcase the Fine Dieting® service. The app must be capable of holding a large amount of information taking the form of an edible diary, videos and hundreds of recipes. To support the app Fine Dieting® needed a fully functioning website to support marketing activity.

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Eat what you enjoy. Swap what you don’t.

gloversure worked closely with Fine Dieting® to fully understand all of the features and functionality of the app before starting design work or wire frames. This collaborative process saves time and cost on a bespoke software project. The Fine Dieting® app has a range of bespoke features and content that have been showcased;

Weight loss management system, using weekly calories
Adjustable recipes to accommodate allergies and intolerances
Creates a tailored shopping list at a click of a button
Training plans
Tailored workouts
Calorie tracking and automatic updates to weekly goals

The design and content have been created with the user in mind, the flow of the app is very easy to follow making dieting easy and Fine Dieting® can update information quickly. The design elements of the app are very visual with bespoke infographics and layouts.

The fine dieting app displayed on an ipad and iphone side by side, the ipad is showing thier workout regimes and the phone is showing a profile page
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