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Individuals, locations and assets in High-Risk situations, monitoring, tracking and alerting them to danger.

SiRisk came to us with a pre-existing web application and an app for iOS and Android (iOS written in Swift & Android written in Java). As a business, they wanted to bring together the best features and functionality from off the shelf apps and products into one secure, functional and scalable app as a corporate security platform.

At this point, they commissioned gloversure to work with them long term, but first to initially fix their pre-existing applications that were riddled with bugs and to add a large amount of functionality after their previous agency let them down, from there ongoing maintenance, additions, consultancy and custom software.




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Mobile Apps


A fully customisable, feature-rich and manageable application

The result is a fully customisable, feature-rich and manageable application for SiRisk, who specialise in corporate security. Which, in turn, allowed them to monitor, maintain and securely provide their services to their clients. We work with SiRisk on an ongoing and consultative basis, firstly planning, secondly recommending and finally testing additional functionality.

Therefore, the app allows SiRisk to send notifications to its users based on all kinds of circumstances. For instance weather warnings, political turmoil, civil unrest and any other possible security risks in the vicinity of that individual, location or asset. Notifications can be sent via push notifications such as SMS messages and email.

Further benefits

Team members and high-risk individuals can install an app on their phone. In addition, this would allow them to send out an SOS using a button on their phone. The app could alert bodyguards, emergency pick up and above all, initiate secure escape plans. For instance, the British Olympic team used this application during the 2016 Olympics in Brazil to maintain and monitor the athlete’s safety during the games.

The web application itself was modified to be easy to use, manage and maintain. Furthermore, from the web application, SiRisk could track and monitor teams, individuals, and even buildings and geographic locations. In turn, this gave them the ability to monitor and track these assets. Allowing SIRisk could provide a comprehensive security service to its customers.

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Key and essential functionality

Admin area

Built using the bulletproof React framework, react.js was an ideal candidate for this project. Due to the requirement for real-time functionality. e.g. real-time tracking, SOS alerts and notifications from SiRisk staff to users about security threats.

The web application also allowed for SiRisk to restrict areas of the website. Securely restricting the admin area of the website for certain team members and levels of access. These restricted areas meant SiRisk could add levels of security to their service offering.


Danger zones and Geofences

These areas could be defined geographically to show when an asset enters or leaves a certain perimeter. In turn, these geofences could be set up for small specific areas or to cover whole cities or countries. If a security risk was posed to a certain individual SiRisk would deploy the security measures required.


External companies and seamless linking features and functionality:

If a client booked their corporate travel through BCD (a secure travel booking company) they would send the travel information to SiRisk through an API. In turn, the SiRisk software would automatically check the itinerary for potential security risks and therefore flag the itinerary as dangerous.



New feature addition depending on client requirements, testing and implementation of future features.

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Client feedback

From the very start, the gloversure team have been excellent to work with, their knowledge and professionalism are second to none.

Initially, the team re-worked our website, working hand in hand with our internal Marketing function the gloversure team produced an excellent site that has produced an exception ROI, well worth the investment.

After the initial success with the public website, the gloversure development team worked with us on an existing technology solution. Above all, they quickly got to grips with the project and developed an excellent working methodology that has helped us create a truly unique and world-class solution.

Richard and the team are exceptional and great partners for us.

Director of International Risk – SIRisk Ltd

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