Green Hat Kiteboarding

The Brief

Green Hat initially reached out to GloverSure after finding us online through various searches for Magento experts in the UK. They were initially looking to make some small adjustments and optimisations to their existing ecommerce site, however once the project developed and the work was carried out, they decided that a full refresh of their online presence with an entirely new Magento site would be the best option for them moving forward. They needed an up-to-date design that would help them stand out from competitors, as well as a fully responsive layout, which would work well on any device.

Green Hat Kiteboarding Brief

Our Solution

At first, we carried out some small modifications to the existing Green Hat Kiteboarding site, helping with some SEO issues and other small problems. However once the go ahead was given for a total revamp, our designers got to work on creating a fresh and eye-catching design. The style was directed toward a blend of large, clear images and rough, textured patterns and fonts to give a sense of action and movement whilst maintaining a clear user experience.

Once we had worked with the team at Green Hat to develop the design until they were completely happy with it, we coded up the new website in Magento, making sure that it was fully responsive and worked well on different screen sizes and devices. Our developers integrated the payment system and we imported the products onto the site and it was ready to go. We added a single page checkout extension as well as an extension for customer loyalty points, meaning that the repeat customers that continue to support Green Hat are rewarded with discounts and other bonuses. Both of these were styled and themed to match the design of the site and are working extremely well for the website post-launch.


  • Bespoke Magento Design
  • Responsive Magento Development
  • Loyalty Points System
  • One Page Checkout
Green Hat Kiteboarding Features

"Very pleased to have found GloverSure. These guys are absolute pros at what they do."

- Vadim Polonsky