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Premium Magento extension providers

Amasty are industry leaders in the Magento extensions market. With reliability at their core, they have 12+ years of experience.  Over there years, they’ve worked with over 120,000 e-commerce businesses. Their mission is to help e‑commerce businesses grow through innovation, consistency and quality of delivered Magento solutions and services.

We are proud platinum partners with Amasty. Boasting the best price to performance ratio. Our partnership ensures our Magento 2 customers have access to the latest extensions available. A library of 300+ extensions’ adhering to your every magneto need. Additionally, granting us instant issue support through our dedicated support manager. The following are some of the extensions available.

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Revitalise your eCommerce with these extensions…

Improved Layered Navigation Extension

Advance your navigation and search for a seamless customer experience. ‘Improved Layered Navigation Extension’ for Magento is a smart feature-rich navigation system. Allowing businesses to display tailor-made filters and widgets, guiding visitors instantly to the products they need.

Simultaneously boosting your SEO ranking through SEO-friendly URLs. Using this extension will lead to more conversions and greater search visibility.

Google Page Speed Optimizer

For both mobile and desktop searches, Google now considers page speed to be the most important ranking factor. Amasty designed the ‘Magento 2 Speed Optimization Extension’ to combat this. Further improving performance, using the latest recommended page load techniques, code and user-flow optimization approach. As well as improving the performance of a store for users and search engines. Consequently moving your website higher up the Google SERP ranking. Moreover, it’ll lead to a faster-performing website, keeping users on your store and attracting new traffic.

Full Page Cache Warmer

Magneto 2 is quick and optimised for large loads. However, there’s still a lot you can do to increase site speed. That’s where the ‘Full Page Cache Warmer extension’ comes in. This feature-rich extension allows you to automate cache warming while keeping it hidden from customers. The warmer tracks user behaviour and updates data from the page in real time. Assuring your customers and Googlebot always have access to the most needed content faster. The outcome will result in more traffic, more conversions and an improved google rating.

Elastic Search Extension

How often have you searched for something and nothing comes up? Or do you end up on an error page? Then you realise you misspelt something. The Elastic Search extension strives to combat this for a seamless user experience. The Elastic search allows for spell-correction to better search results accuracy. It speeds up the search process with auto-search suggestions and provides precise results for those who search with symbols. Moreover, its search analytics feature allows you to make data-driven decisions based on customer activity. Allowing for a more natural experience for visitors.

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Insecure data processing has a negative impact on customer loyalty and results in heavy penalties. With the GDPR Magento 2 Extension, you can ensure that your store complies with EU regulations. Abiding by the most recent regulations protecting store owners and customers.

This allows business owners to collect and process customer consent in a transparent manner. Consequently avoiding penalties and lawsuits for incorrect data processing. A valuable extension ensuring personal data is managed and stored in accordance with the law.

SEO Toolkit

Finally, maximise your SEO effectiveness and improve your store ranking by applying effective optimization strategies. The SEO toolkit provides a number of beneficial features:

  • Advanced HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Stock status and breadcrumbs
  • Automated internal and external cross-links
  • Unique product URLs
  • Creates automated meta-tag templates for products and categories
  • Advanced pagination and sets smart redirects for enhanced interaction with google

Integrating the toolkit will result in more organic users and in-store traffic. Whilst reducing the need for a reduction in manual work. Grow your store indexation with a better store ranking and improve sales revenue.

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