Magento Upgrade.

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Magento Upgrade Service

Are you looking to make the jump from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your current Magento 2 to the latest version? Or simply need to update your store’s security?

Our team are on hand to give you a fast and effective, stress-free Magento upgrade service. With an experienced team of certified Magento developers behind us, we can give you the guidance you need to find your most efficient solution.

Why upgrade?

An upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is a complex process, that’s meticulously treated by our team. Here’s why you should upgrade…

Upgrade Magento 2 to the latest version

Benefit from the most recent innovative features whilst staying protected from security breaches by upgrading to the latest version of Magento 2. We understand the running of your business is the most important thing to you, so we strive to do this with almost no downtime. Choosing a suitable day and time for your business, when it’ll have the lowest possible impact.

The process of upgrading always has an element of data-loss risk, but with our certified Magento developers you can trust that we’ll transfer your data safely and securely.

Security patch installation services

In today’s eCommerce landscape customers are extremely conscious about the protection of their personal data. Reinforce your trust as a retailer by installing the latest Magento security patches. Magento releases updates every three months, and we highly recommend installing all the patches to protect the vulnerability of your customer’s data.

Our security patch installation services undergo a complex process that requires specialist Magento experience and knowledge. We’ll implement any missing patches in your store. Ensuring that your eCommerce store is capable of running secure transactions. We strive to complete the process quickly and effectively without compromising the performance of your store.

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