Email Marketing.

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Carefully curated email campaigns that stick out amongst the noise.

Inboxes are like busy traffic jams; noisy and overcrowded. We help aspiring businesses become the Rolls-Royce amongst the crowd. Attention-drawing, stunning in design, perfectly crafted and high-performing.

The one that gets the green light.

A results-driven email marketing agency

Our fine-tuned MailChimp marketing techniques have been built with one common goal; growth. We share relevant content that turns heads and ignites action. Driven by curiosity, we’ll express your expertise by exciting the heads, hands and hearts of your consumers. Using target-focused language that resonates with them personally. Fostering trust, building long-term relationships and creating valuable interactions that get results.

How we create impactful marketing campaigns…

Audience-focused content that entices & inspires

Brand-enhancing creative newsletter design

Email newsletters are one of the most restrictive forms of digital design due to issues with compatibility. And even the biggest brands get this wrong. Often, businesses send out poorly made emails that won’t load properly and appear off-brand or fraudulent.

We offer a smart design solution. Carefully crafted, on-brand template designs that deliver consistent quality. Without damaging performance, you’ll get a visually compelling design that’s recognised instantly by your audience. Painted with strokes of your identity, we’ll implant brand-matched typography, imagery and colourings. Enhancing the perception of your brand and building long-term trust.

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Mailchimp template designs

Clear-cut responsive structure

We don’t build essays, we build straight-to-the-point content that gives value to the reader. How it’s laid out is arguably more important than the words themselves. We provide clear-cut points of interest without overloading users with information. Organised in an easy-on-the-eye structure that encourages further engagement on your website. Moreover, we strategically place call-to-actions in a clear and concise area, that’s branded and perfectly sized for clicking.

On top of this, every newsletter we make responds accordingly to different customer screen sizes. Ensuring that your beautifully crafted email works to maximum performance on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Tracking & Development

A/B Testing allows us to test send times, subject lines, imagery and content. Ultimately enabling us to better understand what language, content, and other factors are most effective. Once we’ve established a winning combination, that version will go out to most of your subscribers.

Whether you opt for A/B testing or not, we’ll carefully monitor the results of your emails. Keeping an eye on insightful metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, open rate, bounce rate and many more. Once we’ve gathered a library of data to refer back to we can start better developing your campaigns for future success.

Transparent email marketing agency in Chester & Welshpool

Good working relationships are extremely important to us. Which is we strive to be as transparent as we can be. Giving you our most honest and authentic advice to help you grow. Together, we’ll collaborate, focus on your goals and devise a future-proof email marketing strategy.

Non-industry specific

We are a non-industry specific email marketing agency providing high-quality email marketing services and support. If you are a small start-up seeking to nurture new connections and build a customer base, our team are on hand to help you grow.

On the other hand, if you’re a multi-national corporation looking to keep your existing audience engaged, then we have the expertise and knowledge to help you develop.

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