Why do fashion brands love Shopify?

Why do fashion brands love Shopify?

The name Shopify has become synonymous with eCommerce. Powering over 1.75+ million businesses in 175 countries. One industry that’s taken Shopify by storm is Fashion & Apparel.

The Fashion & Apparel market is set to make global waves over the coming years, with consistent continuous growth. In Europe, Statista predicts that by 2025, each consumer will spend £812 ($999) a year on fashion-related goods. As the market grows, Shopify will evolve, innovate and grow with it.

In the UK alone, apparel was Shopify’s most popular industry with 27.5% of stores selling clothes. Due to its ability to create unique brand experiences and meet the demands of niche audiences, this relationship continues to grow.

What features make Shopify a good match for fashion?

Seamless social media integrations

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for fashion brands, with an already interested audience; customers see, save and want. But the effort of going to the website and finding the product can be a little too much for our hectic-social-driven livelihoods. Shopify eliminates this time-consuming hassle and instead allows browsers to purchase goods straight from their social media.

This is a two-way beneficiary, it’s simpler for customers and helps brands build product awareness, drive traffic, boost conversions and engage customers for longer.


Personalisation has long been hailed as a conversion-driving tactic in modern eCommerce. A study from McKinsey reported that brands that excel in personalisation enjoy 40% more revenue than average retailers. Shopify understands its influential importance and has spent time building a library of features that gives customers a completely unique brand experience.

Brands can effectively retarget visitors based on their behaviour and intent signals. Giving customers personalised recommendations, size quizzes, virtual try-ons, unique promotions, rewards and bundles. By appealing directly to the user’s needs and interests, fashion brands using Shopify are garnering positive effects on brand loyalty, repeat engagement and the top line.

Advanced search & filtering

Fashion comes in all manner of different sizes, fits, colours and materials. On top of this, online shoppers are impatient. They ‘need’ to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly, in their size, colour and fit. Otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere.

Shopify’s advanced search and filtering makes it simple for visitors to narrow their search to the variants they want. Therefore, making the shopping navigation experience smoother and faster.

Lightning-fast checkout

You’ve just discovered ‘THE’ pair of perfect paisley-patterned corduroy flares you’ve always dreamed of. It’s love at first sight. You’re ready to buy them, right now. The brand has you wrapped around their little finger. But as you approach the checkout you discover 18 fields to fill out. Your brain mutters in frustration – “Nevermind”.

Long checkouts are a blag, time-consuming and sometimes even stressful. It is without a doubt the most crucial, make-or-break moment of the sales cycle.

Shopify combats time-wasting, confusion and frustration with optimised checkouts that are fully customisable. From dynamic buttons that skip the cart and go straight to checkout. To automatically filling out customer information to accelerate the process. 

Match that with Shop Pay, and fashion brands are delivering checkout experiences that are 60% faster; resulting in up to 18% higher conversion rates.

Engagement through interactive content

Shopify opens the possibility for brands to craft unique brand experiences with lookbooks, 3D product pages, augmented reality and videos. Interactive content allows customers to engage with the senses and connect with products in new, engaging ways.

3D and AR, for example, allow customers to get a detailed examination of products – from every angle. Giving them a better idea of size, fit, colour and quality. It’s more inspiring than a flat 2D image and can really bring a product to life. This emergence into new technology has allowed brands to further deepen their identity, style and product stories.

Wrapping Up…

Shopify’s ability to build personalised, immersive experiences makes it, without a doubt, one of the go-to choices for brands in the fashion verse. It’s functionally advanced, powerful and visually stunning. Giving aspiring brands the opportunity to express themselves, experiment in new markets, test new tactics and grow their audience.

Shopify has the ability to completely rejuvenate a brand, bring it to life and drive profits through the roof – if it’s done right. We have a devoted Shopify eCommerce team that crafts Shopify fashion stores with meaningful, strategic purposes. Building smooth-flowing shopping experiences that elevate brand identity, engage customers and develop long-term loyalty.

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