Assisting the World Health Organisation.

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Helping the World Health Organisation combat Coronavirus.

On Sunday, we discovered a call for help from the World Health Organization asking mobile app developers to assist on a volunteer basis in creating an app to help contain and mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

So we quickly began looking into it to see if there was any way we could help, we all want to help as much as we can during these unprecedented times.

At the point of discovering the article, a group of developers had already come together and created the foundation of the app, however, the World Health Organisation was still looking for help with testing it and tracking issues on the GitHub repository.

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We’ve contributed by finding bugs in the app’s code and submitting solutions that have been adopted into the master code. Richard our MD said ‘I’m immensely proud that the team has contributed in a positive way to help combat COVID-19, it’s great to be involved’

The WHO MyHealth app will be released by the end of the week and will be available on the iOS and Android app stores, providing COVID-19 news helping to combat the spread of misinformation about the virus.

The WHO app will send users notifications based on their location, if there is a spike in coronavirus cases or if someone reports themselves as having the virus. There will also be ‘self-triage’ tools to help people diagnose whether their symptoms match COVID-19, hoping to take some of the pressure off healthcare systems.

Of course, we will be monitoring the app’s progress and will continue to contribute where we can.

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