Our top tips for successful Black Friday selling.

Black Friday

We are expecting another boost in Black Friday Ecommerce sales. With more and more people choosing to shop for Christmas earlier, Black Friday and Cyber Monday provide the perfect opportunity for retailers to offer discounts. Attract new customers and increase revenue and sales. In 2019, online retailers reported an increase in revenue by 240 – 380% during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day where retailers offer their customers a discount to get them spending in the buildup to Christmas. 

It’s official date this year is Friday 27th November 2020, although a lot of retailers will be offering discounts throughout the month. Black Friday began in the 1950s in Philadelphia, United States, but arrived on scene in the United Kingdom much later. Amazon introduced Black Friday to their UK customers in 2010 and then it has become bigger and bigger ever since. 

Why is Black Friday important?

In 2019 an estimated £1.5billion was spent online in the UK last year, an increase of 3.6% from the year before. Black Friday is now an online phenomenon, with in-store crowds and queuing quickly disappearing in the UK. Over 77% of Black Friday sales are now online and 2020 is due to have a surge in online buyers with Christmas looming and shops being physically closed due to lockdown. 

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Tips on successful Black Friday selling:

1. Expect the unexpected

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have enough of the stock you are looking to discount. You should test everything on the back and front end of your website to make sure everything is functional and working as it should beforehand. Make sure your site is Black Friday Ecommerce ready.

2. Use Social Media

Use Social Media to build up the excitement around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Post about Black Friday and Cyber Monday including sneak peeks of the offers you’re going to provide. From here you can make an emotional connection to your customers and engage them in your discounts before the date itself.

3. Target & Segment Your Emails

You need to make sure that you make your customers feel individual and special. Targeting your emails in certain segments based on a customer’s previous purchases is a way of doing this. You can build segments of Seasonal shoppers from last year, VIP customers, Gift givers and more.


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