Luxury Cottages.

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A multi-functional SuperControl website for bespoke property provider

Luxury Cottages take pleasure in going above and beyond to find the finest luxury cottages. Their property experts travel to great lengths to find and inspect the very best luxury cottages across the UK. Resulting in an exquisite range of unique properties. If you’re in dire need of a digital detox, then indulge yourself in one of their cosy eco-friendly cabins. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Wales from the comfort of a hot tub in the woods. Moreover, if you are in need of a honeymoon destination, then stay in a grade-listed castle in Scotland. Luxury Cottages really do have something for everyone.

They contacted us in need of a new website that enhanced their customer’s online experience. Their old site was slow and lacked user-friendly navigation.

We got to work and developed a beautifully designed SuperControl site. Moreover, its stunning design complemented its luxurious modern branding. As well as enhancing site performance. Consequently resulting in clear navigation whereby customers can easily find the right property.

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Keele, Staffordshire



A stunningly designed website showcasing the high-quality properties available at Luxury Cottages. On top of this, we developed an efficient frontend search system. This allows website users to search for properties through specific filter options. As well as packing the site with customer-enhancing features. These include custom-built calendars, map features, inspiration pages and an intuitive navigation bar.

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Clear navigation for an intuitive customer journey

We created a seamless customer experience using a frontend search system. Displayed aesthetically on the home page. Allowing visitors to clearly see where to get started. Moreover, we added new property sections that group together certain properties. For example, Luxury Cottages and Hot-Tub Getaways as new editions. As well as a location-based section that showcases some of the most beautiful regions in the UK. Presented in a crisp, clean carousel structure.

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Showcasing the picturesque range of properties

Furthermore, we used a selection of clean, crisp imagery. Creating a visual sense of luxury. Additionally, property pages are comprehensive and stylish.  On top of this, we ensured plenty of white space for better readability. As well as that, we included a mapping tool. This pinpoints the actual location of the property. Allowing customers to find local facilities and things to do in the area.

Luxury Cottages property pages displayed on two floating iphones, one is overlapping the other


Powerful booking system, custom-built calendars and improved site speed

Finally, we added a robust SuperControl booking system. It efficiently updates in real-time to provide clients with the most up-to-date information. We also embedded our exclusive feature, custom-built calendars. In addition, we tailored the calendars to suit Luxury Cottages prestigious branding. Furthermore, we optimized site speed to ensure that visitors remain engaged and have a positive online experience.

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