What is SuperControl?

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SuperControl, founded in 2007, are a leading expert in the self-catering industry. Based in south Scotland, SuperControl created an innovative online booking system that reshaped the self-catering industry. In 2016, it became the first UK-based booking management system with a full booking integration with Airbnb.

What is SuperControl?

SuperControl is a property management software built specifically for the self-catering industry. Before SuperControl, the self-catering industry survived off adapted hotel management systems. Therefore limiting customers to a completely average online experience. In turn, driving bounce rate through the roof and resulting in fewer bookings.

Subsequently, SuperControl saw a gap in a niche market. In turn, delivering an outstanding product that sufficiently met the specific needs of property owners and holiday agencies.

How does SuperControl work?

SuperControl is an intelligent software that can be easily integrated into your website. This then provides self-catering businesses with an online booking management system within minutes. Compatible with all content management systems, including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress websites.

SuperControl is a feature-rich platform packed with customizable options. Whereby owners can pick from a number of aspects to meet their catering needs. Discover just a few of its conversion-driving features below.

Booking search system

Choose exactly what options you want customers to select from e.g. Dates? Nights? The number of guests? As well as any extras you wish to add such as optional expenses.

Calendars &  Colour Match

Choose whether you want the calendar to open on a new page or use an iframe to embed them in the web page instead. Additionally, to ensure a consistent design throughout your website, calendars can be tailored and styled to match your colours and branding.

Beyond Pricing Integration

This determines the pricing of properties for optimal success. An effective tool that takes into account a number of variables to help configure the right price. Whilst forecasting demand so no booking opportunities are missed. This simplifies the process for self-caters and display’s the data in an easy-to-understand format.


Build a search form

Create unique search results or build a property information page where all information is pulled from SuperControl. You could include; Prices, photos, maps, descriptions, testimonials, location as well as custom search variables.

What are the benefits of using SuperControl?

  • Increase new and repeat bookings with less work
  • Save time, money and resources
  • Price optimisation
  • Remove the risk of double booking
  • Have confidence knowing all your data is safe and secure
  • Connect better with guests through better communication

How do we use SuperControl?

At gloversure, we saw the benefits of incorporating SuperControl into the websites we create. We want the best for our clients, and SuperControl’s reputation made it difficult to ignore.

Two businesses coming together striving for the highest customer satisfaction.

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Luxury Coastal

Luxury Coastal are a prestigious self-catering holiday company based in the southwest who approached us in need of a new website. We laid the groundwork and found out what their exact requirements were. They wanted a visually appealing and user-friendly website that reflected their luxury brand while driving bookings and enticing properties to join their portfolio. SuperControl was a perfect match. Fully integrated creating a custom calendar and booking system to match their sophisticated style.

This increased bookings and made it easier to update the website. Additionally, SuperControl allowed us to create a bespoke property search with optional layouts and custom property filters. Assuring that Luxury Coastal’s clients can easily find their perfect holiday.

For more information on the work we did for Luxury Coastal, click here.

SuperControl is an outstanding software tool that would benefit any business working in the holiday rental industry. Benefit from easy navigation for users, smooth functionality and endless custom options to suit your exact needs. Get in touch today and let the gloversure team help you and your business grow.

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