What is Custom Development?

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Custom development is the procedure of creating a software system built specifically for certain business needs. The specificity of custom development software means businesses have software that directly meets their needs and goals. Rather than employing an off-the-shelf solution that just doesn’t quite fit. Custom development can be a perfect match. Furthermore, our expertise has seen us successfully develop custom CRM systems, quotation platforms, 3D design tools, specialist tracking systems and much more. The possibilities with custom development are endless.

So, what are the benefits of Custom Development?

1. Improve Business Efficiency

By implementing software that directly aligns with how your business operates. Processes will become streamlined and improve efficiency.

2. Save Time and Money

Custom Development is an investment. By improving your efficiencies, long-term you will save time and money. Hence increasing your profits.

3. Integrate Other Software

If you already run other software systems within your business, we can integrate it into your new custom software. Further streamlining your business operations.

4. Receive Ongoing Support

gloversure’s technical team are always on hand to support any problems. So, if for some reason your system has gone down, we’ll get you back up and running in no time.

5. Enhance Productivity

Additionally, off the shelf software often has its issues, bugs and complications. Which results in costly downtime. Often as a result of its unmatched fit with your business. Moreover, having unique software, specific to your requirements will reduce any complications and issues.

6. React to a changing market

Custom development allows you to react to a constantly changing business environment. Whatever modifications you require, custom solutions give you the flexibility and scalability to accommodate your changing needs.

gloversure custom development chester office computer screens showing code

Custom Development as a product…

Despite the superb benefits custom development can bring to your business operations. It can also be used for other purposes. Custom Development can be built as sellable software. For example, it could be a subscription service that gives customers access to a specific system. It has a wide spectrum of possibilities, including; an online portal, CRM, CMS, PMS, report system and much more. A system that you could subsequently sell to other businesses as part of your product offering.

An example of our Custom Development work: Work Forms

We developed a custom mobile application to digitise, create and develop paper forms into digital forms through an online portal. Combatting the need for on-site paper forms. As well as storing and gathering valuable data. The app was built to be intuitive to use and improve the workflow process. The app allows users to easily sign online forms, add images, locations and export the digital version as a PDF or CSV. Additionally, notifications are sent to the owner when they’re completed. Saving time, money and increasing business efficiency.

On top of this, the Work Forms custom app has the ability to create profiles. For example, the admin can create customer profiles and build forms for them. When customers log in they’ll see an assigned list of forms that need completing. An effective method of communication whilst reducing the need for face to face contact.

Find out more about the bespoke custom development projects we’ve developed here.

Why gloversure?

At gloversure, we have an experienced team devoted to custom development. We pride ourselves on being specialists in what we do. Our portfolio can tell you just that. Additionally, we use proven technologies such as Laravel and React JavaScript, allowing us to personalize bespoke features to your project. Regardless of business size, we can create custom software that directly fits your requirements. Subsequently enabling you to improve business efficiencies. Which in the long run will save you time and money. Take the leap today and transform your business.

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