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Premium Magento extension providers – Amasty

We are proud partners of Magento extension market leaders, Amasty. Founded in 2011, they have 12+ years of valuable experience. A platinum partnership built on a shared goal. Amasty’s mission is to help eCommerce businesses grow through innovation, consistency and quality. Delivered through the highest quality of Magento solutions. We clearly saw the benefits of integrating Amasty into our operations.

But what does being an Amasty partner mean? Our partnership enables us access to the latest extensions available. Keeping us up to date and current with the latest Magento trends. Additionally, they supply a multitude of feature-heavy extensions, over 300 to be precise. Currently, no other extension provider has this amount of extensions available. Therefore, the website feature possibilities are almost endless.

Undoubtedly, the core benefit of our platinum partnership is what it does for our customer results. Boasting the best price to performance ratio our customers get the ultimate tailored development. On top of this, with our industry knowledge, we can advise the best possible extensions for you. In addition, the platinum partnership grants us instant issue support. Meaning if there are any problems or issues (which is very rare) we are never left in the dark. Any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

As well as this, like gloversure, Amasty is always striving to be better. Continually adding new extensions to which we have instant access. Therefore enabling our customers to have a strong competitive edge. Putting them ahead of the curve and providing their customers with a seamless online experience.

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Popular Magento Extensions

As mentioned, Amasty offers a mass variety of Magento extensions. Here are a few notable examples of the most popular ones:

Google Page Speed Optimizer:

Firstly, this effective Magento extension provides the ability to enhance your site page speed. It uses the latest recommended page load techniques, code and user-flow optimization approaches. Subsequently resulting in a faster performing website. Keeping users on your site and attracting new traffic. As well as improving the functionality performance for users and search engines. Consequently moving your website higher up the Google SERP ranking.

Improved Layered Navigation Extension:

Moreover, this intelligent, feature-rich navigation system improves site navigation. Furthermore, allowing companies to display custom-made filters and widgets. Creating a seamless customer journey by guiding customers to the products they need faster. As well as boosting site SEO ranking at the same time using SEO-friendly URLs.

Elastic Search Extension:

This extension strives to combat misspelt search issues. The Elastic Search allows for spell-correction to better search result accuracy. It speeds up the search process with auto-search suggestions. Providing precise results for those who search with symbols. Contributing to a smoother search process.

This barely scratches the surface when it comes to extension choice. To find more about the extensions they provide click here

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