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How we approach SEO in website development

SEO in website development is detrimental to the success of any business in today’s digital landscape. Our team of experienced SEO specialists have developed a strategic process built for SEO in web development. Ensuring we can fully optimise our clients to their best potential. Subsequently, ranking them higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In case you are unaware of what SEO is or need a refresher, here’s our definition…

The practice of optimising your website through tactics and strategies in order to rank higher on the Google search engine results page.

SEO is controlled by the power of Google’s algorithm. Google’s algorithm is what decides who ranks where based on a wide variety of factors. But as Google is constantly changing and updating its algorithm, businesses must react to stay current.

Our 6-Step Process to SEO Success

Our 6-Step Process to SEO success is constantly being re-evaluated and updated as the algorithm evolves. Ensuring that our clients stay current and as competitive as they can be.

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1. Team Meeting – Understanding Our Client

Before starting any new project, the team at gloversure sit down for an evaluative kick-off meeting. Every meeting includes a core discussion about SEO and the project at hand. During our time we gather the essential information we need for anything SEO related. Moreover, the information we gather is targeted specifically to your target audience.

Working closely with you to understand who you want to target helps us to drive the right traffic to your website. As we want to increase traffic through consumers who are actually interested in your business. Therefore, more likely to convert. As well as this, it helps us to understand your tone of voice when writing SEO content later on.

2. Client Website Audit

Thereafter, we move on to a website audit. This entails analysing each and every page on our client’s current website. Through the use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we can find out the valuable information we need.

For example, which pages drive the most traffic and why? Which pages are damaging your SEO and why? Additionally, we’ll look at our client’s site speed, a major SEO ranking factor. Moreover, discovering what’s slowing it down and why? We can then implement the positives into their new site and alter any negative findings.

3. Technical & Design Considerations

Next, we complete a full site crawl, which identifies any technical issues that could be damaging your SEO ranking. For example, this could be broken backlinks, poor metadata/tags, server errors, duplicate content and much more. Again this then enables us to make SEO-friendly alterations to their new site.

Google’s algorithm is clever and ranks web pages based on the design too. Fortunately, we have an experienced team of web developers who build stunning websites embedded with SEO in web development.

4. Keyword, Keyphrase & Competitor Research

After fully analysing our client’s old site we begin the keyword and keyphrase research. Keywords are the words for which you want to rank. Each page should have its own designated keyphrase. Based on how your target market would search for that particular page. Using Google keywords and trends we create a list of keywords & phrases specific to your services. Assuring that we have a combination of both high and low search volume words/phrases. It’s important to have a healthy balance of the two.

On the other hand, we also look thoroughly into your competitors. Researching their content, looking at what they rank highly for, and why they might be beating you to the top spots. This further helps us to understand your market and make SEO implications. Not only can we devise what content to promote the most on your site but also how to differentiate you against your competitors.

5. The Optimizing Stage

Simply, this stage is implementing all of the above. After assessing our clients, and their competitors and deciding on which keywords to rank for, we start optimizing new page content. Optimizing titles, backlinks, headings, meta tags, metadata, URLs, images and all content text. Adding the relevant keywords & phrases relative to how much content there is on each page.

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6. KPI Tracking – Monthly Checks

After our client’s website has gone live, we recommend clients stay with us to aid further improvements. We check monthly KPIs, which determine what’s working and what’s not. From this, we can make the necessary changes to their website.

Wrapping up…

To compete in today’s market, SEO in web development is fundamental to driving traffic to your website. Simply ranking one level higher on results pages can be the difference between your target audience choosing you over a competitor. Find out more about our SEO Services below and work with our devoted team to increase your search engine visibility and drive sales. We look forward to hearing from you!

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