Incorporating brand identity into web design.

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A strong brand identity fosters meaningful customer connections

The ultimate goal of branding is to connect your business with your target audience. Your brand identity is a collection of visual elements that create your brand, such as colour, design and typography. Brand identity offers an excellent opportunity to express your business through website design.

For most businesses, their competitors have websites selling similar products, with a similar design. Having a strong brand identity that is effectively incorporated into your website can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain a competitive edge.

Follow our guide on how to incorporate brand identity into web design…

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How to incorporate brand identity into web design…



Consistency is key. What colour have you chosen to represent your brand? Is it blue, red or green? Your colour should be chosen carefully. You need to think about what you want your customers to feel. What emotions do you want to convey? What really matters is using your colours consistently throughout your website. You want customers to be reminded of your brand when they see this colour. Consider coca-cola, they created an eye-catching logo using red and white that’s become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Web Design

Consistent web design means having website elements, such as headers, footers, sidebars and navigation bars the same across every page. It will visually look more coherent and garner better functionality for users to navigate.



Additionally, the same goes for your font. If you use a fancy font in your logo, that doesn’t necessarily mean using it everywhere on your website. It may look good in a small amount of text, but writing in large sums of content could put viewers off. If your readability is poor people will bounce straight off.

We suggest using a clear font that’s easy to read and be consistent with it throughout every page. Keep your fonts limited; we suggest using no more than two or three. Ensure they complement each other and support your brand identity. Then utilise your ‘brand typography’ in the appropriate places e.g. your logo and as titles or headings.

This extends beyond your website, any advertisements and social media marketing you do must be colour and design consistent.

Content strategy

The tone of voice

Your tone of voice on your website should consistently convey who you are as a brand – it’s a form of brand expression.  You need to speak in a definitive style which expresses your personality. Are you an exciting new fashion brand? Then your tone of voice would be enthusiastic and fun. Or are you a professional law firm? Then your tone of voice would be formal, using more academic and specific industry-related terms. For example, Netflix is a great example of a successful ‘tone of voice’. They resonate with their audience using a friendly fun approach.

Branded Content

On the topic of content, use branded content on your website to further promote brand identity. The images you use should also express your brand, move away from using anything you can find online. Creating your own images will directly link them to your brand, allowing consumers to associate them with your brand. It can be better targeted and evoke the emotions you want, this will increase engagement as its content your audience wants to consume.

Simplicity and Placement…

The way you structure your website directly affects how engaged users are and the time they spend on your website. Learn how to upsell your brand identity whilst keeping users engaged for longer.

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Benefits of incorporating brand identity:

  • Develop a strong digital presence
  • Increase customer engagement with your brand
  • Transform customer experience to a more positive one
  • Increase conversions and the top line
  • Eliminate pain points and improve navigation
  • Develop a strong brand identity
  • Better more targeted branding to reach your audience
  • Develop an Integrated brand strategy and web design
  • Better brand identity makes you more memorable and builds trust
  • Reduce bounce rate and increase lead generation

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