How to create
Brand Awareness.

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Increase Brand Awareness

It takes seconds for a consumer to make a decision when searching for a service or product. A customer makes an informed decision based on various factors when deciding to purchase something, including how well your business is presented, the reviews, and how aware they are of your brand. Creating brand awareness should be one of the key elements of your business’s marketing strategy.

What is brand awareness?

Simply, brand awareness is how aware people are about what your Business has to offer and how recognisable your brand is to consumers. A wide range of elements come together to make your brand identifiable, which in hand creates brand awareness and distinguishes your company from its competitors.

There are multiple aspects that result in brand awareness. Brand recall, brand recognition, brand preference and brand loyalty all result in Brand Awareness.

Brand awareness is crucial in making your business succeed, it helps your target audience become more aware of your company. Even though it’s hard to track, brand awareness impacts the next key steps of the process which will lead to conversions.

Why is brand awareness important?

Without brand awareness, there is more risk of losing leads to competitors who use this strategy of marketing. Consumers can’t buy from a company that they don’t know about, so brand awareness should be at the forefront of your business’s marketing strategy. If people are aware of your brand, they are more likely to return or lead to a conversion.

Brand awareness helps your company build trust with the consumer. As a customer gets to know your company, its products and services they are more likely to make an informative decision on conversion. With the use of a brand awareness strategy, you can build trust with the consumer, this will mean that they are more likely to buy your product or service, in hand, this will eventually also create brand loyalty which means your audience is more likely to return and engage with word of mouth marketing.

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Tips on how to build brand awareness:

1. Plan

Create a brand strategy. Who is your target audience? You need to find your niche and then you will be able to target more directly. What is your unique selling point? If you find out what makes you different and relatable to a customer you are more likely to stand out from the crowd and engage with your target audience. Putting your core values and business goals down on paper and keeping these in mind will help your business achieve its potential.

2. Consistency

Consistency across your brand is key for creating awareness. It takes a person 5 to 7 impressions to remember a brand, how will your customers recognise you if you look and sound different across each platform? You should be recognisable, but you need to find different ways of keeping your brand consistent to do this. A customer doesn’t want to see things repeated, as they become repetitive and boring.

Build your brand identity, your social media, website, printed material and everything associated with your company will need to be consistent across the board without being exactly the same. You can do this in various ways, but you will have to find a different approach to keep telling your brand messages.

3. Content

Content is a big thing for your brand. Find out how you want your company to be presented, what is your brand trying to say? Getting a strong brand identity and guidelines will help in doing this and will help your customer to remember your brand. Colour alone can improve brand awareness by up to 80%. Find your tone of voice, stick to a similar style of writing and way of presenting your brand’s story.

Visual content is also a key element, including the style of images, photography and design, find a way of communicating a style without showing or saying the same thing over and over again. The easiest way of creating brand awareness through content is making interactive content, this is sharable content that will engage with your audience if your content is shareable then the more chance a wider audience will see it.

As a result of putting more content out there, you will also improve Search Engine Optimisation and increase the chance of being found when searched on Google, or other search engines. It shouldn’t always be about the quantity of how much you put out there though, the content should also be high quality to get the consumer to trust your brand. A blog is the best way to get out new and engaging content that will also improve your rank. A blog usually generates 67% more leads.

4. Personalise

If you make your brand relatable to a consumer, it’s more likely to create awareness of your brand. Tell a story and write compelling captions as well as create images that connect the customer to the brand. Create a personal experience for your target audience. Data-driven personalisation will provide an engaging audience and have your core message at the forefront of the company.

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