Welshpool Country Music Festival.

Festival branding for Welshpool country music festival, shown on a notepad, business cards and documents on a white background


A new look for well-established Country and Western musical festival, raising awareness through a well-thought rebrand

The Welshpool Country Music Festival is a popular annual Country and Western musical festival in the heart of wales. The festival is organised by long-standing charity Heulwen trust, established in the ’80s. The festival funds the charities free of charge Montgomery canal trips. Specifically built for the less abled.

The festival is located on the Powis Castle Showfield. A truly stunning location that boasts spectacular views over the Severn Valley. A great setting for a great day of country and western music. Attracting thousands of people across all age groups over the years. In 2017, the show celebrated its 30th anniversary.

We were asked to develop a brand and logo that was eye-catching. As well as reflecting their country and western origins. After a discussion about their goals and aspirations, we discovered their main aim was to increase awareness and attendance at the festival. Our skilled team of marketers got the creative juices flowing. In turn, producing an eye-catching festival branding design. One that showcases the festival’s musical name and origins.

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Live Music Event


Welshpool, UK


Logo Design & Branding

Welshpool country music festival logo. Showing the brand name with a guitar sound chamber and strings behind it.


Bold, distinct typography that promotes the festival name

When creating festival branding it’s important you make the name clear to consumers. Hence why we used a bold, distinct text that is easy to read. Clearly stating where and what the brand is. The ‘Welshpool’ isn’t bold as we felt this look more attractive on a design basis. Actually highlighting both text sections better. Additionally, the text breaks the circle around it to further emphasise its name, rather than having it inside the circle.


Incorporating a rustic guitar element to relfect the festivals heritage

In order to enhance their brand image and country/ western music theme. We incorporated a guitar/banjo sound chamber. The use of the guitar chamber creates a visually aesthetic circle logo. Moreover, we designed it with a rustic earthy element that is combined with a clean-lined modern design.

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