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A feature-rich Magento 2 eCommerce store for long-standing customer, Safe Fence, the UK's leading supplier of fencing & on-site construction

Safe Fence is the UK’s No.1 specialist supplier of fencing and on-site construction. Committed to providing one of the most comprehensive product ranges available. Due to their reduced supply chain process, they boast some of the best prices nationwide. Whilst their product range might be large, they’d don’t lack in quality. Their expert team specially design and hand-pick products based on safety and durability. Furthermore, Safe Fence understands the quick demand for materials in the construction industry. Hence why they’re partnered with the best logistics providers in the UK. Assuring they can deliver goods anywhere in the UK fast and affordably.

As a long-standing customer of ours, we previously developed their Magento 1 website. After experiencing positive results they wanted to advance to Magento 2. Subsequently, we developed a superb eCommerce web design for the construction & fencing specialists. Assisting them in expanding their business. Providing their customers with a better, more intelligent online experience.



A clean, professional feature-rich eCommerce store that makes navigating SafeFence’s extensive product range an easy, enjoyable experience. Their new Magento store has a range of customer enhancing features that have improved product pages, shipping, menus, on-page support, an advanced search system and much more. As well as this we’ve implemented bespoke tools to help them make site visitors returning customers. Driving sales, driving growth.


Showcasing their extensive portfolio with product enhancing features

Firstly, to improve their product pages, each page now has enhanced customization options. Including option dependency. Which lets SafeFence create conditional product + option combinations. Aswell as Inventory management. Which displays stock levels to customers and hides out-of-stock items automatically. Also including option images. Which allows an endless number of images for option choices on their site.

Not only that, but we also enhanced configurable product pages. Including bulk ordering, an invaluable tool in the construction industry. Furthermore, once a variation is chosen, the product names and prices are updated. All of which was made simple by migrating their existing data. Transferring it from their old site to their new one.

Moreover, construction workers like to see VAT prices. To meet the needs of their target audience we embedded a drop-down in the header of the website. Allowing customers to view prices exclusive or inclusive of VAT. Or both at the same time.

Additionally, we enhanced product presentation by implementing a 360-degree spin functionality. Providing visitors with an accurate representation of each product.



Laptop displaying web design for construction fence specialist Safe Fence


Integrating an advanced search system with custom menus

Developing web design for construction suppliers requires an intuitive search and navigation bar. To do so, we utilised Magento’s fastest, most advanced search enhancement plugin. Instantly displaying the most relevant search results. The tools efficient nature autocomplete’s/autocorrects words as visitors type. As well as removing stopwords like ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. Resulting in a quicker more relevant search.

Additionally, we developed a mega menu to accommodate their large product range. Resulting in a dynamic menu with multi-level expansions. Helping in the display of the full website’s navigation in a single navigation bar. Organizing all their products and categories easily for visitors to view.


Building customer trust with 3D secure authentication payment

We wanted to give Safe Fence customers peace of mind. Hence why we integrated their Magento site with SagePay. A worldwide trusted payment processor. Our integration comes with 3D secure authentication. Moreover, adding that extra layer of security. Protecting customers against fraud and unethical practices.

On the other hand, we also needed to provide Safe Fence with peace of mind. To do so we made use of the Amasty GDPR module. This ensures Safe Fence is in compliance with the latest legislative EU requirements. As well as strengthening data security and privacy.

Two laptops showing web design for construction business safe fence transition from Magento 1 to 2


Utilising shipping tools to create a flexible & convenient checkout process

In the construction industry materials are needed in different numbers and sizes. Having effective shipping management is crucial. Hence why we developed an effective shipping management system. Combining 3 tools in one: shipping table rates, shipping rules and shipping restrictions. This allows Safe Fence to create customizable delivery options. In turn, making the shipping process more flexible and convenient for customers.

Additionally, we also developed tailored, Safe Fence calculators. Which allow customers to specify the exact length of fencing they require. The more complex calculators allow customers to pick through a variety of options. They can choose from ballast blocks, infills or vehicle gates to replace a fence panel. Therefore customers can get more accurate costs and products that suit their requirements.


Fast loading and fully-optimized

Our web design for the construction specialists was built with SEO in mind. Further, to advance their Google ranking we utilised the SEO toolkit. An advanced Magento 2 extension that can solve multiple optimization problems at once. It generates sitemaps to be more understandable for search engines. As well as building smart redirects and auto-generating metadata’s.

A major component of SEO is having a quick site. To ensure they did we embedded the Amasty google page optimiser. Which improves webpage speed substantially. In addition, we made use of an advantageous caching system. An intelligent tool that caches pages before customers visit them. Consequently, Safe Fence now has a faster fully-optimised website. Increasing their search visibility and therefore organic traffic.

Moreover, we made the checkout process that one step simpler. Done by integrating postcode lookup. Now, customers can easily select their postal address (UK only).



iPad showing web design for construction business safe fence


Boosting conversions with Live Chat, FAQ Module & Triggered Emails

Site visitors can now take advantage of a well-supported online service. Including FAQs, supported with answers to specific product questions. FAQ’s pages are arranged in a consistent, organised manner. Making them easy for customers to access. Whilst reducing the need for online customer service.

If customers can’t find the answers they need through FAQ’s. They can get support through a Live Chat feature. Assisting consumers with any questions they may have. Proving Safe Fence’s customers with immediate assistance.

To boost conversions, we’ve created email triggers. Sending timely personalised emails based on on-site behaviour. For example, this could be an email to combat cart abandonment. Whereby a reminder or discount would be sent out when a cart is left. Increasing their chances of returning customers. In addition, these email campaigns are trackable and provide data. Therefore helping Safe Fence better understand its audience in the future.


Showcasing their reliable reputation

Finally, we integrated third-party provider Which displays their outstanding collection of reviews. Showcased across the web design for the construction specialists. Supported with clickable links to show their credibility.

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