The Client

Bump Buddies is a new way for pregnant women to connect and communicate with each other. The app allows a pregnant lady to find a ‘Bump Buddy’ (another pregnant lady who is due to give birth around the same time and / or lives nearby).


We were approached by Bump Buddies in order to help bring their app concept to life. They wanted to create an app that would enable pregnant women to find other pregnant women or ‘Bump Buddy’ nearby that they could then start chatting to with an inbuilt message system.


The Bump Buddies mobile app using PhoneGap which allowed for a cross-platform app that works well on both Android & iOS at a much lower cost for the customer. Bump Buddies allows pregnant ladies to find each other and share in the joys (and trials) of pregnancy. Data collated by the app is held in a custom admin area and custom CRM.

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