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Expert Laravel Development in Telford.

With our dedicated Laravel Development team, providing Laravel Development in Telford, we’ve developed hundreds of high-quality web applications for businesses just like yours in Telford. So what is Laravel? I hear you ask, put simply it’s an open-source PHP framework. Furthermore, it’s jam-packed with incredible features which makes it perfect for developing high-end and complex web applications.

In addition, the way our experts develop with Laravel means we can be completely flexible when working with teams like yours in Telford. In addition, we use Laravel because of its flexibility and reusability, meaning using Laravel can make your project a reality. Above all, Laravel as technology allows you to make changes to ‘code’ without having to start from scratch. Making the maintenance and additions to large-scale web applications incredibly efficient when compared to other technologies available.

Our expert team can also help with your Laravel migration, meaning we can re-write your existing software into Laravel technology. In addition, we can also manage and maintain your software going forwards. If you have any questions about Laravel migrations please get in touch.  



What can Laravel be used for

Portal Development

Extension Development

CMS Development

Mobile App Development

Maintenance and Support

Laravel’s Eloquent ORM

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Laravel Development in Telford for API’s

Frequent query rebuilding, making it perfect for projects using multiple databases
Regimented and tested coding, making maintenance and monitoring easier than ever
Built with testing in mind, all potential problems and flaws are spotted and amended before it’s embedded
Inbuilt features as a standard
It delivers on the design too, Laravel is perfect for elegant and professional-looking web applications


Web-based projects using Laravel Development

Our experienced team can build your web-application using Laravel from scratch. Alternatively, we can convert an existing project to use Laravel or upgrade and maintain your project for you. This is exactly what we do for Reconomy in Telford, they are a long-standing client of ours that has a large-high-quality web-application that requires regular and ongoing maintenance, additions and amends, you can read more about Reconomy in Telford here.

Here are some Laravel Development service examples:

Firstly, Lumen, A micro framework, allowing the development of small projects and internal tools
Secondly, IoT, This technology uses some of Laravel’s best features such as Commands, Event-Driven Architecture and even Queues
Thirdly, Saas, Allows us to take the flexibility of Laravel and create a service or a set of services for your customers that can be incredibly complex

Finally, if you have an existing web-application built using Laravel and would like us to help you with it, or would like a completely new and custom development please get in touch today, our experienced and friendly team would love to hear from you.

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